“Changes” – Chapter 12b-Panooksa

Idea by Tom Austin                                                Written by Tom Austin       

                                           Revised by Tom Austin

After a while Milly stopped hugging Brad. He held her by the shoulders and said “I think we should have a long talk.”

Milly sat cross-legged in one chair, while Brad sat in another chair. He tried to look at Milly’s face but his attention was drawn to the one place he knew he could not go-for now.

“Could you do me a favor and cross you legs or something. She’s looking right at me.”


“You know what I mean”

“No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“OK, put your index finger on your belly button”

Milly did.

“Now put it at very top of your panties”

Milly moved it to the proper location.

“Now put it between your legs touching the chair”

When Milly did that she said “You mean “she” is making you nervous?”

“Immensely. And she’s making it very hard to concentrate. And I stress the word hard.”

Milly started to giggle. “I didn’t know “she” had that power over you. That’s really cute you calling her “she”. I’m going call him “he.” She pointed right between Brads legs.

Brad stood up, adjusted his pants, let out a sigh, then sat down again. “Oh that feels so much better”

Milly giggled some more. “All this is so new to me.”

Brad set her fears to rest. “I still want to marry you, live with you in The Second Realm, hopefully in that house you love, and when you want to be a mother be the father of your children.”

Milly was so relieved to hear that she ran over to Brad and smothered him with kisses. “Thank you, I love you, and I want him.” And she pointed directly between Brads legs. She touched his pants. “Oh my.”

So that’s what he is talking about.” she thought.

Brad recovered his composure after Milly touched him in a very sensitive area, and she had returned to her chair. Only this time Milly put a blanket in her lap. She rested her head on her thumbs while her hands looked like they were praying. In a way she was.

Brad continued.

“Before you say anything more I’d like to finish. The matter of sex is really becoming uncomfortable for me. Not the physical act, but what you want and what I want. First, you say you want to wait and I understand the reasoning behind that request. So I back off trying to make things easier for you. But then you ball me out for not paying enough attention to you. And to really mess me up when I do try show you I’m very interested in you-you freak on me.”

“Now I’m willing to wait if that’s what you want, but I think a civil ceremony here, and a church wedding in The Second Realm just won’t work. I think a quickie wedding in The Second Realm with your parents, Merlin, and Sirena as guests will work. And I apologize if the words “quickie wedding” are inappropriate but it was the best I could think of.”

“Working at the hospital here in the city is getting to be a real bore. I’m teaching and seeing patients, but the hospital treats people like slabs of meat in a butcher shop, and to make the situation worse they’re now referring to patients as numbers. I don’t treat numbers I treat people! And I want out. Your dad wants me to work in The Second Realm and I want to give it a try.”

“So to sum things up. No more mixed messages. Either you take me as is, or we should forget the whole thing. No more trying to make me into something I’m not. A church wedding minus all the religious stuff in The Second Realm, and I work in The Second Realm.”

There were tears in Milly’s eyes. She stood up and slowly walked towards him. She looked deep into his eyes. She held his face in her hands.

“I was hoping you’d say what you did. I want to be an ordinary housewife and homemaker and I want to it to happen as quickly as possible. And I want you to make crazy, sweaty love to me every day.”

“Hey, lets get a little realistic shall we”

Milly laughed. “OK, every weekend. And if you cut the grass I may have a little surprise for him.” She pointed directly at what she was talking about.

Brad grabbed a piece of paper and wrote furiously on it.

Milly walked up beside Brad. She looked sleepy and put her head on Brads shoulder. “What are you writing?”

“After we move in we should invest in a goat.”

Showered, and appropriately dressed Brad knocked on the door of his soon to be in-laws. Brad attempted to disguise his voice and spoke with an English accent.

“Package for a Dr. Shine from the estate of Dr. Michael DeBakey”

Brad saw Tilly rushing through the living room and he concerned she might fall.

“Slow down young lady.”

“Good heavens, Brad! We weren’t expecting you and Milly for another week.” She looked around. “I don’t see her. Where is she?”

“It’s you I’ve come to see. It concerns a matter of the heart.”

Tilly and Brad sat in matching chairs, and faced each other.

“Are Milly and you all right?”

“We are now. Lets just say she made a number of requests of me that I found difficult to live with. But we talked things over, and we made a number of changes to the arrangements to the wedding that I wanted to let you know of.”

“I was afraid this would happen. Let me guess. She told you she wanted you to wait, then gave you hell for not paying enough attention to her.”

“Tilly, how in thunder do -”

She got up, went behind Brads chair, and started playing with his hair.

“When I was a young woman I made exactly the same mistake with Tyler. Almost lost him too. But like you and Milly we talked it out and smoothed out the problems. But please, tell me exactly what happened.”

For the next half hour Brad spilled his guts. He left out the part about Milly wearing only a tee shirt and panties. Tilly did not need to know that. “Now that the civil ceremony is history what do you propose to do” she asked.

“We plan to use the time allotted for the civil ceremony to box up our things, and to transport them to the house. Milly wants to be, and I quote, “become an ordinary wife and homemaker as soon as possible.” What we need to know is if there is any way to have a church wedding in The Second Realm as soon possible.”

Tilly went into the living room, open up a drawer, and pulled out a pamphlet. She then put it on a small table in front of Brad.

“Here in The Second Realm we’re free of all the religious entanglements of your dimension. So basically all you have to do is show up, say your vows, and that’s it. Everything you need to know is in this pamphlet.” She tapped it three times for emphasis.

“Tilly, you are heaven sent. This is exactly what we need.” He was so happy he gave Tilly a bear hug and kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh my heavens. Nobody’s done what you just did for ages.”

Brad realized what he had done. Tilly saw his shocked expression.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell her. Now scoot.”

I really like that boy,” she said to herself.

“I’m back my love.”

Milly walked into the sitting room. “What do mean you mean you’re back. I thought you were reading”

Milly sniffed the air.

“Pipe tobacco. I’d recognize the scent anywhere. You’ve been to my mom and dads.”

“And your mom is fantastic. See this pamphlet? In it is all the info a person needs to know to get married in The Second Realm. And the best thing is you can have your church wedding anytime you want.”

Milly jumped into his arms. “Does mom know about us?”

“She guessed. Plus she had the same problems with your dad.”

Brad gave her his Visa card and told her to buy her wedding gown.

“Brad, there’s so much more to a wedding. I’ve got get a manicure, a pedicure, shoes that go with the dress, and I’ve got to get my hair done. The garter,-”

That’s when Brad cut her off. “It’s all in the pamphlet your mother gave us. Apparently that church has a nifty little cottage industry going.”

It was all right there. Everything Milly needed to know was at her fingertips. “Do you want me to go with you to pick out the dress?

“Oh no! You stay right here. Men are verboten! Men are not supposed to see the wedding dress until the day of the wedding.”

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