Chapter 5 – Summons From A Far

Milly pushed and with all her strength. But it wasn’t enough. Eventually, she gave up. She opened her apartment door crossed the hall and knocked on Brad’s door. She heard him say “coming” from behind the door. When he did open the door he was met with a rather strange request.

“I need your weight.”

Not quite sure what Milly was talking about he looked mystified and puzzled.

“I’m not trying to be thick Milly but could you say that again only with a little bit more clarity?”

“I’m trying to pack for the trip and I just can’t get the lid of my suitcase to close.”

“Now you’re cooking with gas. Where is the little rascal? I’ll show it who’s boss.”

Milly led Brad by the hand and into her apartment. On the sofa, Brad saw an incredibly overstuffed suitcase. First, he surveyed the situation then turned to Milly.

“I hope you are aware we are allowed only one piece of carry on luggage and one piece that goes in the baggage compartment. The one that goes in the baggage compartment cannot exceed 23 Kilograms. If it does you have to pay a penalty that can be pretty expensive. Just how much you pay all depends on how far you are over the 23 Kilogram limit.”

“Oh…I can’t say I knew that” she said looking rather sheepish.

“Do you mind if I take a look at what you’re taking?”

“Go ahead.” As an afterthought, she said, “Have fun.”

Brad saw an old 35mm film camera. “Don’t bother taking this unless you want to pay twenty-five to thirty dollars a roll for the film.”

“Yikes!. When did that happen?”

“About twenty years ago. You don’t read the paper or watch the news do you?”

“The last time I used that camera was when I was in high school. Guess I better get with the times. I guess its digital from now on. But I haven’t the time to learn all about a new camera. When I got that old 35 mm film camera it took me months before I felt comfortable with it.”

Brad paced the living room trying to think of an easy alternative for Milly.

“I’ve got it. Instead of taking photos and risking taking a photo of your thumb why don’t you buy postcards. That way you’re guaranteed to get a really good looking photo and you don’t have to worry about getting a zillion shots of your thumb. Plus if the cards are really good they might be suitable for framing. And for those really special occasions, you can get one of those low-cost digital cameras. The kind where you just point and shoot.”

Milly put her arms around Brad’s neck. “You’re a life saver. This could my only trip to England and Scotland and I want some memories.” She gave Brad a peck on the cheek.

“I’m pretty sure you won’t need these either. The tops or the bottoms.” He held a bikini in his hand.

“It’s a woman’s prerogative to take whatever she thinks she might need on a trip. Besides I was hoping you wouldn’t see them. They were going to be a surprise. Now I’ll have to think of something else.”

Brad rummaged through the suitcase and discovered some medical journals.

“Now I know for a fact you don’t need these. We’re going to a hospital. They’ll probably have these there by the bushel. As for the Cosmo magazines I haven’t found yet why don’t you put them in your carry on luggage so you can read them during the flight. Once we’re in Scotland you can get the latest issue which will most likely have a picture of a woman in a bikini of the Scottish flag and an article about the “One Thousand And One Things You Can Do With A Man’s Bagpipes.”

Milly went a bit red. “They are a bit racy at times aren’t they. How did you know about the Cosmo magazines?”

“Last time I was in this apartment they were all over the place. Now I don’t see one. So unless you suddenly became a neat freak and threw them out there’s only one place they could be.”

“Not a bad piece of deduction Sherlock.”

“And when they stop publishing articles like “Nineteen Different Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life In The Bedroom” I’ll stop making fun of them. Some of those positions aren’t physically possible!”

Milly playfully swatted Brad’s arm. “I know that silly. I only read those articles to see how well they’re written.”

Brad wore a very skeptical look on his face. “Sure you do. And I only read Playboy for the cartoons.”

Milly decided to let the matter drop.

“I have a solution for you.” All of a sudden Milly hugged Brad.

“What was that for? I haven’t told my solution yet.”

“I’m just excited. I’m going to England and Scotland!”

She started jumping up and down.

“Well, just calm down or they won’t let you on the plane.”

“As I was saying I might have a solution for you. One year my aunt and uncle gave me luggage for Christmas. I have no idea why they gave me any luggage. I wasn’t going anywhere. But one of the pieces was a simply gigantic suitcase that makes yours look like a mouse. Why don’t you use that? All you have to do is transplant your things into the suitcase. What do you think?”

“You’d be a lifesaver. Could I please?”

“You sure can. Want any help?”

“A ladies private things are just that. Private.”

“You seem to forget I’m a doctor. I’ve seen more “private things” than most people who aren’t doctors.”

“Does that include mine?”

“Of course! Yours were the best looking and always will be.”

“I hope so. Remember we’re ambassadors for the hospital so behave yourself, and no sampling the local wildlife. And I’m very sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

‘What would you do if I did “sample the local wildlife?”

“You mean other than tearing you limb from limb and scratching your eyes out?”

“Yes. What else would you do?”

“If you did any “sampling” I’d make sure you were the oldest living member of the Vienna Boy’s Choir. Just out of curiosity why are you asking me all this?”

“I just want to find out what my boundaries are. But the only “sampling” I want to do is going to be with you. Satisfied?”

“More than satisfied. After I transfer my things to that large suitcase I’m coming over for a drink. I’ve got a favor to ask of you and it’s kinda weird.”

As Brad exited the apartment and slowly walked the length of the hall he wondered about this mysterious “favor”.

Brad went down to his locker and got the suitcase out of storage. After dusting it off he took it up to Milly’s apartment. After he delivered it he returned to his own apartment to finish his own packing. After he was finished he sat down in his recliner. Just as he was starting to relax Milly knocked on the door.

“Jeez, Louise I’m bushed. I had no idea packing for a trip was so tiring.” She darted swiftly from the door to the empty recliner. Brad looked at her and told her the bar was open. “What would you like to drink. I’ve got some beer, ice tea, rum and Coke, and diet Coke.” Milly took some time to decide. “I’ll have a rum and Coke.” This told Brad there was something on her mind.

When Brad handed Milly her drink she relaxed in the recliner

“I want to say something and get it off my chest. The last time we made love was two weeks ago. And you really tired me out. We behaved liked sex-crazed rabbits. You couldn’t get enough of me, and god knows I couldn’t get enough of you. I had a checkup a few days later and mentioned to my doctor that things were a bit tender in the nether region. She told me to stop for a few weeks and that my vagina simply wasn’t used to the sudden flurry of activity. She also said the tenderness would clear up by the time the trip rolled around. But she also said that it would be a good idea if we made love a like a couple of adults and not sex-crazed rabbits. The tissues in my vagina need to get used to you so you’ve got to gentle with her. I just wanted to let you know why I wasn’t “available” for the last two weeks. I didn’t want you to think I thought the sex was mediocre because it was far from it. When you came inside me my spine went all tingly and I had goosebumps all over. You made me feel absolutely wonderful. So it was murder when I had to put myself on the disabled list. I wanted more but “she” Milly pointed between her legs, “wouldn’t let me. I just wanted you to know.”

Brad sat down, put the glass against his forehead, and sighed.

“I’m glad you told me because I’ve been on the “disabled list” myself. “He” has been a little tender too. Going in and out so often takes a toll on “him” too. And “he” has never seen this much activity. When I was inside you I really wanted to please you.”

Milly turned her head and looked at Brad. “Oh, you did a super job. All 13 times”

Brad continued. “And when my tongue was there I really wanted to make you have an orgasm. And since we’re both doing true confessions “she” tastes wonderful. I’m not sure why but her taste gets me hornier than hell. I can’t wait to be back inside you.”

Milly blushed a great deal.

“Wow. Nobodies ever said anything like that to me before. But what you just said segues neatly into the favor I have to ask. Our flight is a night flight. And I’ve never been able to sleep on a plane. And a five to six-hour flight doesn’t really appeal to me. So I was wondering….hell’s teeth this is embarrassing.”

Brad stood up and walked over to the recliner. Holding on to the arm of the recliner he lowered himself to the floor and sat beside the recliner. He put his drink on the floor. Then he stroked Milly’s hair, and held her face in his hand.

“Hey, I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have a sexy highland kitten in my recliner, and as a girlfriend. You can say anything to me. Anything at all. Now, what were you going to say?”

“Am I really your girlfriend? And are we exclusive to each other?”

“Well, if we’re going to try living together after the trip I can’t see how you could be anything but a girlfriend. I’m all yours and he’s all yours. I don’t want to date any other women. I only want to date you. And after living together a couple of years maybe…” Brads voice trailed off.

Milly’s eyes teared up, she leaned over the recliner arm and hugged the stuffing out of him.

“You know, when I first moved into this building I thought you were only interested in me to bed me. To become another conquest. But when we made love that night after the restaurant I felt something that was really special. You’ve made me the happiest women in the world. These lips want you and those other lips, the ones down there, really want him. You would not believe how horny I am right now. I want him so bad it almost hurts.”

Brad stretched out his legs and leaned on his elbows.

“Well, it seems we’re both in the same predicament. You may find this difficult to fathom but I’m in exactly the same state. I almost feel like pouncing and having my way with you.”

“You mean you have a boner?”

“Like a rock.”

Wearing a look of fascination Milly got out of the recliner and knelt beside Brad.

“Would you mind if I touched your pants?”

“I’m hoping you will. After all, he’s your property.”

She put her hand gingerly on top of his pants and was astonished how hard it was and felt it flex. She laughed nervously. She unzipped his fly and after gently pulling his jockey shorts down held “him” in her hand. She fondled his jewels.

“Oh, Christmas. He’s going to cum!” said Brad.

Milly put “him” in her mouth. As the flexing suddenly increased Milly took Brad’s hand and had him rub the crotch of her jean shorts ferociously. As Brad began to cum in her mouth Milly let out an almost unearthly moan. When Brad stopped cuming Milly took “him” out of her mouth and went to the kitchen to get some paper towels.

“Sorry about that Milly. Usually, I can control him but when you fondled “the twins” it was sort of like they went on automatic pilot.”

Milly pulled her panties down and put a paper towel between her legs.

“I can’t be certain but I think we just came together. I took your hand to stimulate my already horny clit. I’ve never ever had an orgasm like that. It was so powerful it was like she just exploded.”

Milly leaned back panting furiously. “I feel so wonderful and relaxed. Thank you for what just happened.” Milly cleaned herself up a bit. “Could you please go into my apartment, go into my bedroom and get me some dry panties while I go to the bathroom. Things are a little too moist down there.”

Brad cleaned himself up and zipped up his pants. As Brad approached the door Milly issued some last minute instructions.

“Top drawer. On the right side.”

When Brad returned he brought two pairs just to be on the safe side. As he entered the bathroom Milly was still sitting on the toilet panting and her head was bowed.

“Hey kitten, you all right?” asked Brad as he handed the dry panties to her. Milly looked up at him. “I’m not sure what happened, honey.” Brads smiled when he heard Milly call him “honey.” “I think I can hazard a guess. I think “She” squirted.” said Brad.

There was silence followed by a flush. When Milly reappeared in the living room she had done her pants up and continued the conversation. “I thought that was a myth. I’ve never done that before. I didn’t know I could.”

She sat in the vacant recliner. Brad sat in a chair facing her. “Most women think they can’t. When they do squirt it’s usually during vaginal sex and they think its part and parcel of the act.” Milly had a pillow under her behind just in case. “I can tell you why “she” may have squirted.” Milly put her hands on her stomach. “Go for it. I’d love for it to happen again.” Brad thought a bit. “Do you really want me to tell you because if I tell you because if it doesn’t you’ll be really disappointed.” Milly thought about what Brad had said. ” You know, I don’t want to know. I want us to find out together. But I need to ask you some more questions if we’re going to live together. Milly noticed Brad’s pants. He was erect again.

“Already? Does having an erection hurt?. This is doing a real number on my mind. He’s was so hard. How do you cross your legs?”

“If a man has an erection for too long it can really be painful. But no, a man with a really stiff one can’t cross his legs. Well, he can but not as well as a woman can. Sometimes we have to sit “strategically.” Brad went on to demonstrate. “Sit up with your legs apart and your feet flat on the floor. Now lean forward with your elbows on your knees. Interlace the fingers of one hand with the fingers of the other. Now if you were a guy your hands might hide the fact you have a boner. You women have it made. You women can be horny as hell and nobody else would know. Guys have a difficult time of hiding it. Buts lets get back to that really weird favor you wanted to ask.”

“Night flights are not for me. And I was wondering if you’d make love to me the morning of the flight. I’m hoping you’ll tire me out enough so I’ll sleep. Even if I don’t sleep we’ll both be sleepy and feel relaxed.”

While the sex was great the idea wasn’t. Milly was too keyed up to sleep. Checking in took forever. They were told by the travel agent to check in two hours prior to the flight. Brad hated this particular time. He could only think of one phrase.

“Great. Hurry up and wait.”

But the high point of the checking-in process was when the woman at the check-in counter called Milly “Mrs. Foster”. The error was compounded when the same woman was conferring with Brad about his passport and referred to Milly as “your wife.” There seemed to be some problem with Brad’s passport when the passport said his given name was Bradley, but he preferred being called “Brad”.

The plane was a brand new Boeing 747-400 and Milly took great delight in going up the stairs and striding into first class. She ensconced her herself in one of the few chairs closest to the windows. When Brad sat down next to her he whispered “I think the nickname kitten suits you. Right now you look like the cat who ate the proverbial canary.”

They both buckled up as the air hostess told everybody about the emergency exits. When she was finished Milly held Brad’s right hand. After take-off, the captain came on the public address system. “Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to flight BA127. My name is Captain Ransom and I’ll be your captain tonight. Today we’ll be cruising at 33 thousand feet. Our destination is London England where it’s a tropical twenty-five degrees Celsius. Our flight time should be just over five hours and the complimentary drink cart should make its customary appearance shortly. I want you to know this particular plane is making its maiden flight tonight and it’s supposed to be the fastest, most fuel efficient 747 Boeing has ever made.”

Just as the public address system was turned off a steward appeared and handed Brad a telegram. Milly was anxious to see the contents. She urged Brad to hurry up and open it. “C’mon honey, hurry up. What does it say?.” As soon as it was out of the envelope Milly grabbed it. “This going in my scrapbook of memories.” Now Brad wanted to know the contents too. The steward re-appeared with a bottle of Champagne. Milly held the note which read “To my two ambassadors. Have a great flight. Druk.”

Just then the door to the flight deck opened. A woman wearing a midnight blue single-breasted blazer appeared. There were four stripes on each sleeve signifying she was the captain. Captain Ransom greeted everybody with hellos and small talk. However, when she got to Brad and Milly it was a far different story.

The captain bent down and addressed Brad and Milly.

“Would you two be doctors Shine and Foster?”

Milly was now concerned someone might be ill.

“I was wondering if the three of us might have a chat. There are few empty seats on the port side of the ship.” She indicated the other side of the plane. The three sat in seats that faced each other. She took her cap off and dark hair fell to her shoulders.

“This is about as informal as it gets on a 747-400. I’ve been asked to convey greetings from Fergus MacTaggert, and from the staff at Highland Central. I don’t know who you two are, besides doctors, but they can hardly wait to meet you.”

Milly explained that she and Brad were going to Scotland to demonstrate a new surgical technique. But she couldn’t contain herself. She had to ask the question that no doubt was going through Brad’s head as well as hers.

“How do you know Fergus MacTaggert? I just heard of him two weeks ago.”

“Dr. Shine-”

“Please, feel free to call me Milly”

“Milly, Fergus MacTaggert has been my doctor since I was a wee babe. Uncle Fergie is almost part of the family. Do you both work at City Hospital?”

Brad chimed in

“Yes we do”

“Could you two do me an immense favor? I’ve been reassigned to the London office for the next few months and I don’t know when I’ll be in North America next. You see I’m expecting. So when you see the dragon lady next-“

“You know the dragon lady?” exclaimed Brad

“We’re sorority sisters. Druk and I went to Aberdeen University. Who do you think gave her that awful name!” When she smiled blazing white teeth showed. “When I get the chance I want to ask her to be my baby’s godmother”.

“That’s so sweet,” said Milly

“But please don’t tell I’m expecting. Tell Druk you heard some stories about her, a bottle of vodka, and a chandelier. Just tell her that. Let her connect the dots. You see Druk and I were the hell-raisers of the sorority. It’ll drive her mad! I get goosebumps just picturing her trying to figure it all out.”

“It’ll be a real pleasure Captain Ransom,” said Brad saluting.

“Please call me Susan. How long are you two going to be in London?

This time Milly spoke up. “We’re only going to be in London two days to rest up and then we’re off to Bosworth Market to take of some family matters.”

“If you find you’re going to be in Bosworth Market more than one night you owe it to yourselves to stay at Hampton Hall. It’s a hotel and spa. They really pamper you there.”

When Milly heard the word spa her fingers suddenly dove into Brad’s arm.

Brad winced a bit then whispered “Message received and understood. Yes”

Susan looked at Milly and saw the sudden smile. She guessed the rest.

Just then a person Brad guessed was the first officer appeared and whispered something in Susan’s ear.

“I think I better get back to flying this plane before somebody reports me to the head office. When you get back to London you’ll be able to find me there. And tell Druk hello. Gotta go and earn my keep.”