“Housing Around” Chap. 10a in the Panooksa Saga

Idea by Tom Austin                                                        Written by Tom Austin

Revised by Tom Austin

After almost duking it out with her mother over wedding plans Milly got ready for bed. After washing her face and brushing her teeth she walked back to the guest room. She passed Brad who was already fast asleep on the couch or she thought. She felt sorry for him. Sleeping on a couch was no picnic. She walked right beside the couch. Lifting the tie to the kimono she tickled his nose. But he surprised her.

“Good night love,” he said.

With her hands clamped over her mouth Milly jumped.

With one hand on her chest, her heart pounding, she admonished her soon to be husband.

“Jeepers, I thought you were asleep. You almost gave me a heart attack” she replied with a start.

Brad reached out and tugged at the tie on her kimono.

“And just what do you think you’re doing? I told you-you’re going to have to wait until our wedding night.”

“Aw, gee. You can’t blame a guy for trying”.

Milly rolled her eyes, and let out a mild breath of exasperation that pushed her hair upwards.

“Oh, all right. Just a quick peek”.

Milly opened and closed the kimono and flashed her soon to be husband.

Brad slipped his hand inside her kimono and lightly touched the inside of her leg.

“That’s all you get. You’re only torturing yourself.” she said.

Brad’s hand brushed against a very sensitive spot. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she started to moan and purr.

“Oh now you’re playing dirty. Please don’t get me get all hot and bothered. We’re not going to make love in my parent’s house. That’s it so cut it out!” she said almost waking her parents.

She moved seductively slowly towards to the guest room door. Then she stopped at the door. “ You know I can play dirty too.” She turned and faced him as she slowly took off her robe. “Just a preview of coming attractions”.

“Oh lordy. You’re really good at being bad. I love you” said Brad.

As she entered the room she tossed her robe on the end of the bed, pulled the sheets down and got between them. She turned away from the door when all of a sudden she heard the door handle slowly being turned. When she rolled over she watched Brad creep through the doorway. She whispered to Brad.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Reviving an old custom”

“Just what the heck are you talking about?”

“It’s called spooning my love”

Brad pulled down the sheets and started to get in bed.

“Are you out of your mind. This is a single. A one-person bed!”

“Scoot over, now get on your side”.

Brad positioned his body directly behind Milly. Brad acted essentially as a chair. Milly could feel Brad directly behind her. She could also feel what she’d done with her little striptease in the small of her back. This spooning custom felt nice. And it felt right when Brad put his arm around her waist. That is it did until Milly heard a crack. Then another.

“Get back to the couch you great big falumpus. Fast!”

Just as Brad got out of bed the main support snapped, and the bed crashed to the floor. In the main bedroom, Tyler smiled and turned towards Tilly. “Sure is nice to know some things never change. I guess we better go check.” Tilly stretched out her arm and touched Tyler. “Remember, poker faces.”

Milly knew her mom and dad would come to check on her so she pushed hair over her face. When she heard feet running she pulled the sheets up to her neck. With Brad leaning on the door frame looking in, and her parents looking down at the remains of the bed all her father would say is “Well, that’s another bed shot to hell.”

The following morning things were just a bit awkward at the breakfast table.

Milly looked at her parents. She just knew they knew what had happened. And they’re not talking about it was tearing her up inside.

“Look I know you think you know what happened.”

Tilly, who was in a housecoat and slippers, patted the hand of her daughter. “We know exactly what happened. The bed broke. It was bound to happen. It was thirty years old.”

Then her father spoke.

“Milly, you seem to have some idea that your mother and I think you and Brad were up to some sort of premarital sexual shenanigans. We know you wouldn’t dream of doing anything like that, so let’s just leave it at that. Tilly, have you got that folder?”

“Oh, I left it in the bedroom. I’ll go get it.” The slippers made a squeaking sound.

As she got up she leaned over to Milly. She whispered very quietly.

“That’s the fourth bed we’ve had in the bedroom. Think about it. We’ve been here thirty years. That’s one bed every 7.5 years. Tell Brad a little later on.”

Milly smiled. Somehow her mom knew just what to say, and when to say it. Her father winked at her. Milly suddenly hugged her father. 

“What was that for?” he asked. Tyler somehow managed to keep the coffee in his coffee cup from spilling.

“Just for being you”.

Tilly returned from bedroom carrying a red folder which she handed to her husband.

“Might I suggest we adjourn to the living room,” said Tyler

They all went to the living room. Tilly and Tyler were seated in two chairs at one end of the living room. Directly in front of them was a small coffee table about four feet in length. Milly and Brad sat in two other chairs close to Tyler and Tilly. Milly was afraid retribution for breaking the bed was at hand despite what her father said.

Tyler spoke to Milly.

“I strongly suspect your mother has informed you that I’ve retired. 

He turned his gaze to Brad. “And I strongly suspect she has informed you both of my reasons for doing so. Before you two arrived, before we could even contact you your mother and I learned I had a rather sizeable pension coming to me. Rather than give a lot of money to the taxman who really doesn’t need it Tilly and I decided to invest in real estate. Then you two appeared. It was obvious from the get-go that you two were very much in love. Once you became engaged the picture changed a bit. Tilly, I believe the floor is now yours.”

Milly looked at Brad, and Brad looked at Milly. They both held hands as neither had no idea what was about to transpire.

Tilly looked at her daughter.

“Milly, do you remember when you were very little that you liked to collect houses? Sometimes when we’d go out for a ride in the car we’d pass a house and you’d say “I want that”. Then we’d pass another house and for some reason, you’d say “I want that”. Sometimes you would see ten or twelve houses that you liked. Your father started calling you our little real estate mogul. Of all the houses you collected a few were similar. They looked like this.”

Tilly handed her daughter a photo.

Tilly continued. “Your father and I would like to buy you two a house as a wedding present. We would own the house. You two would rent it from us. We would be your landlords.  It’s a few minutes from here. You can’t see it from our house. I know it may look small but it has one bedroom and another that could easily be converted should…well, you know. Tyler will you finish up please”

“OK. You’re now asking yourself how you could afford to pay rent when you don’t even live in The Second Realm? We thought about that too. When we found out Brad was a doctor we asked about getting him a position at the hospital for The Town. Right now they are in dire need of all kinds of doctors. Pediatric, cardiac, oncologists, the whole sh-bang.”

Tyler looked Brad right it the eyes.

“They are crying out for doctors. And with your education and your background, you’d be a gift to The Town’s Hospital if you worked there. And Milly, if you wanted to finish your internship there they love to have you too.”

Now I know this a hell of a lot to digest so take your time, mull over all the pros and cons. Do you have any questions?

Milly raised her hand.

Tyler called upon her to ask her question.

“Just how long do we have to wait before we can see the house?”.

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