Chapter 10 – Summons From A Far

Bosworth Hall Bedroom

Milly had some dresses that were potential candidates on the bed. Jessica simply sat in one of the chairs. Jessica tried to salvage something of the mess she had created.

“Milly, there’s always the possibility I misunderstood Brad. I’m not one hundred percent fluent in English. I’m more comfortable in Gaelic.”

Milly stood at the foot of the bed. “I think I’ve picked out the dress. It sort of has a Spanish flair. Some of the others are just sleazy.”

“What’s sleazy mean?” asked Jessica.

Milly put her hands on her hips.“Sort of slutty.”

“OK. I know what that means.”

Milly held the winner. Jessica did not look remotely thrilled. After saying no quietly a dozen times Jessica stood up and sniffled.

“I canna let you think what you think actually happened. It means too much to you and it means a lot to Brad. He did not say “Do something with that.” He did not phone me up and say anything about having dinner with a princess.” Jessica was on the verge of tears. “But tonight is a formal dinner. You will alone. No big fancy dining room. Just you two.”

“Holy Fuzzbucket. Am I glad you told me. You don’t think he’s…” Jessica didn’t say anything. “I canna say, lass. I’m sworn to secrecy.”

“OK. Let’s try woman to woman what can you say?”

“Only what I said when I first arrived. Get in the bloody tub. If you don’t hurry up that man of yours will tire of waiting.” Milly ran into the bathroom and ran the bath.

After twenty minutes Milly charged out of the tub, put on the luxurious fluffy robe the hotel supplied, and sat down in a chair to have Jessica do her hair. When all was said and done she looked spectacular. The ringlets added a nice touch.

“All right we’re ready for the dress. This is a strapless number. Do you think you have enough…how shall I put this?”

“Got it covered Jessica.” Milly went over to her suitcase. “They may not be real but they help a girl make the most of what she’s got.”


When she was dressed Jessica escorted her down the hall to the private dining room. When they arrived Milly stood out of sight while Jessica checked the dining room. Brad, who was seated, asked if anything was wrong. Jessica replied that everything was just fine. Brad was nervous, stood up and started pacing. Milly could hear the heavy Brogues on the wooden floor beneath, and the squeak they made whenever Brad switched directions. Out in the hall Jessica turned to Milly. “Doctor Foster awaits the pleasure of your company.” She slowly walked passed Milly. When they were shoulder to shoulder Jessica suddenly turned her head said something quite unexpected. “I want details!” she whispered. Milly knocked on the door frame then stood in it. Milly wore a strapless, sleeveless evening gown. The sight of Brad in a kilt took her breath away.


“Oh jeepers I’m nervous,” said Milly

“You think you’re nervous. I forgot to ask Jamie how to sit in one of these things.” Milly chuckled. “You’ll figure it out. What’s Jamie got to do with any of this” asked Milly.

“He helped me get dressed. The hose, sporran, the whole kit and kaboodle. Even tied my shoes.”

“Well can I unwrap you tonight or do I have to wait for Christmas?”

“Tonight sounds fine to me. But only if I can unzip you. May I be so bold as to suggest we sit down before we both collapse from nervousness?”

“Sounds fine with me.” Milly placed her clutch purse on the table.

Brad walked to the other side of the table and pulled out a chair for Milly. He felt his heart thumping nervously in his chest. As Milly was sitting Brad studied her technique. “So that’s how you do it. You tuck the thing under you.” Milly couldn’t help but give him a little grief. “And you call yourself a man of science. Shame on you.”

After Brad sat down Milly leaned forward and asked a totally unexpected question.

“Are you as nervous as I am? I feel like I’m going to my first formal in high school and that was terrifying” she said.

“I was so nervous at mine I forgot the girl’s corsage at home. But I’m not going to make that mistake again.” Brad reached into his right pocket. “What kind of a boyfriend would I be if I forgot my girlfriends birthday?” Brad reached across the table and placed a small blue box in front of Milly’s place setting. “Happy birthday kitten.”Luxury-Real-Green-Crystal-Stud-Earrings-Pendant-Necklace-Set-For-Women-Real-White-Gold-Filled-Jewelry.jpg_640x640

Milly was dumbstruck. But true to fashion she soon recovered her voice.

“How the hell did know it was my birthday?. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my birth date to you.”

“When I was reviewing candidates for this trip I checked the records at the hospital. And just to make sure you didn’t purposely didn’t fudge your birth date I took a peek at your passport. You’ve got to be on your guard. Your boyfriend’s a snoop.”

“He’s my kind of snoop.” Milly opened the box. “It’s gorgeous.”

“I noticed the way you looked at the dragon ladies’ Jade bracelet. Now when she’s”showing it off” you can give her a little competition.”

Milly partially stood and leaned over the table and gave Brad a passionate kiss.

“Now before we order dinner I’d like to make a request of you. Can you take this damn bandage off, please? I’d like to feel my girlfriends hand in mine.”

The two were seated a small square table. “Sounds like a reasonable request. Let’s find out just how sharp that knife thingy is. Would you be so kind as to extend your right leg, Doctor Foster.”

“Of course Doctor Shine.” Brad did exactly as asked. Milly’s left hand went slowly up Brad’s leg. “You know I read somewhere in some cultures a man’s virility is measured by how muscular his legs are” She gave in to temptation and looked under the table at Brad.

“Just out of curiosity what the heck are you doing?” he asked

“I just wanted to know if I was dining with a True Scotsman?”

“That’s where I draw the line. I’m not going commando. Never going to happen.”

“Funny. I seem to recall you saying more or less the same thing about the kilt only a few days ago I think.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way kitten but has anyone ever pointed out your memory can be most unsettling at times?”

Milly smiled from ear to ear and nodded. She took the Sgian Dubh and looked at it. “It looks like a sharp little beastie. I wonder how well it would do in the kitchen?” Brad scowled at that remark. “Hey, get your own. That’s mine.”

“Ok, ok. Present bandage!” Milly sliced the bandage off.

“Finally.” Milly took a look at the four tiny white marks on his hand. “You might end up with four tiny scars or none at all. If you do get scars how will you say you got them?”

“I’ll say I got them while I was doing the horizontal mambo.”

“I think “cicatrices d’amour’’ sounds better.” Milly leaned towards Brad and said. “Scars of love”. But you could say “Bataille entre les draps.”

“What in heavens name does that mean?”

“Battle Between The Sheets.”

Brad suspected she might be sending a message. He cleared his throat. “Maybe we should order some food.” Brad unfolded the menu hoping that food will derail a certain desire in his head.

“Do you enjoy trying to make life difficult for me?”

Milly feigned surprise. “Moi? Make life difficult? No. From time to time I may make things hard, but never difficult. Only hard.” She said the word as slowly as possible then she licked her top lip so her lips glistened. She said the word hard in the most seductive manner she could.

Brad closed the menu and put it aside. He interlaced his fingers and leaned forward. He didn’t anyone but Milly to hear what he had to say. “Do you enjoy getting “him” all hot and bothered and me in a state I can’t see straight?”

Milly thought about the question, the ramifications, and smiled.


“Then why do you do it, and how do you do it so damn well?”

“I love being able to get you all hot and bothered. I love having the power to get you in such a state you cross your eyes. Until I moved into your building I had no idea I had this power over you. But I love it. Sometimes I fantasize you’re at at the kitchen counter, I’m tying an apron around your waist, and I slip my hand into your front pockets and really go to town. You have something “she” wants really badly. And as to your question regarding how I do it so well, and this part’s really embarrassing for me, is that I haven’t a clue. I have never experienced the amount of feeling, the desire, I have with you with anybody else.”

Brad closed the menu, touched Milly’s hand, and looked right into her eyes.

“I have a feeling something we both want will not be on the menu anytime soon. May I be so bold as to suggest that we skip dinner, and go back to our room. How does that sound?” said Brad

Milly was taken aback. “But you seemed to have this evening all planned out.”

Brad responded, “Plans can change, plus there’s always room service.”

“But you have to remember we have to behave like normal adults. Only after we lock the door can we go crazy and tear each other’s clothes off” Milly added.

And that’s exactly what happened. Once Milly was in the bedroom she gave Brad the most passionate kiss of his life. She frantically tried to undress herself and Brad at the same time. Brad fumbled for the zipper. Milly grabbed the sporran and turned it to Brads side. But she did it too forcefully. The chain that held the sporran broke and it fell to the ground. Milly kicked it to the side of the bed. Brad watched where it went. Milly grabbed both of Brad’s buttocks and pulled him toward her. She wanted to feel the bulge beneath the kilt. Brad was surprised and both collapsed on the bed. Milly sat up and tried moving the uncooperative zipper. It still refused to budge. She stood in front of Brad.

“Just rip it!” she said in frustration.

Brad did so with gusto. He picked Milly up and tossed her on the bed. Milly motioned for him to come closer. She struggled to get the kilt undone but failed. Since Brad could use both his hands he pushed her back on the bed while he dealt with the kilt straps.

The kilt soon fell to the floor and was soon followed by Brad’s underwear. Milly picked up the condom package. “No glove no love.” She played with “him” till he was erect which wasn’t very long since she had a masterful job of getting aroused verbally. As soon as she could she put the condom on Brad he kissed her and gently lowered her to the mattress. Her heart pounded like it never had before. Tonight was special but she had no way of knowing just how special. Brad climbed between her legs and gently massaged her breasts. The sensation was electric. She could feel both his hands. The warmth coupled with his gentleness excited her beyond anything she had ever experienced in the past. When he lay on top of Milly she could sense that “he” was right next to “her”. She felt the excitement building inside her. When she couldn’t take the teasing anymore she grabbed Brad’s buttocks and with a mighty yank pulled “him” inside. Finally, it all made sense. She knew who and what she wanted. She felt Brad’s weight, his breath on her skin and could feel him inside her. “He” was throbbing and Brad was thrusting. Brad wanted her to feel all of “him”. Milly used her Kegel muscles to close in on “him”. A feeling Brad instantly noticed.

“Ooh, that was nice. Suddenly it felt all cozy and warm in there. What was that?”

Milly sat up a bit and looked devilishly at Brad. “I’ve got you trapped. I flexed my Kegel muscles. A little something I read in Cosmo.”

“Well consider me your very willing prisoner. I think I better take back all those nasty things I ever said about that rag,” said Brad. Milly put the Kegel muscle contraction method into her sexual repertoire.

“Well, like you said a few days ago. Half those positions aren’t even possible. But it might be fun figuring out which ones are. You game?” she asked.

“I’ll try most things once. But forget the one when I ravage you from behind. That little opening wasn’t designed for me. Only for what it already does. But I will put “him” in “her” when I’m behind you. But it might a good idea to try that one in the shower.”

“Why’s that hon?” said Milly maintaining her grip on “him”.

“That’s when you might squirt. Buts that’s for another day. What do you want me to do first?” She released her grip on “him”

“You mean it? You really want to try?” she said in total surprise.

“I’ll do almost anything to help satisfy my kitten”

“Oh, you’re scrumptious. This position is called the Cowgirl position. You lie on your back. “he’s” erect, and I insert him in “her”.”

“You mean I just lie there like a beached whale?”

“Not really. You’ll feel like doing something. You just won’t know until you do it, or I do it.”

“This isn’t kinky is it?”

“I won’t do anything to you-you don’t want me to do. I promise.”

Brad lay on his back. Milly stood over him. Brad just couldn’t help it. He stroked “her” and played with Milly’s clit. Milly started gnawing on her forefinger. Her head went back and she closed her eyes. “Why are you doing that? It’s driving me crazy.” Brad chuckled. “It’s called revenge for getting me all hot and bothered at dinner tonight.” When Milly realized she was about to climax she straddled Brad and put “him” in. When her insides told her Brad was inside Brad climaxed as well. She tried to imagine his sperm splashing around inside “her”. She felt “him” go in “her”, farther inside then Brad had ever been before. And it just felt so right. And that tingly feeling she felt over two weeks earlier was back.

“Kitten, can I ask you a question?” Brad had a sort of serious expression on his face.

“Sure hon. What’s with the serious look?”

“Because this is serious. Because Milly Shine you are more important to me then you will ever know. I want you in my life. And I was wondering if you’ll do me the honor of becoming my wife.”

Brad reached down to the floor and groped for the remains of his Sporran. He opened it and pulled out a ring. A diamond ring.Milly's ring -hexagon-diamond-engagement-ring-in-14k-goldwedding-diamond-ringsimple-and-dainty-diamond-engagement-ring

“Holy friggin’ F-F-Fuzzbucket. That’s a real diamond ring!” Milly put both hands over her mouth. “It’s really really happening!”

She started crying, rocking up and down, and punched Brad in the arm.

“Was that a yes punch or a no punch? I get them confused”

“Yes, yes, yes. I will marry you.”

Milly extended her left hand. It trembled. Brad held her ring finger and put the ring on. Milly couldn’t believe it. It finally happened. She was engaged to be married. A married woman. She leaned forward. She held Brad’s face and gave him a kiss that seemed to last forever. She put her face in Brad’s pillow and whispered: “I want to make my husband the happiest husband in the world.” She didn’t realize it but she was sitting on Brad’s chest. She soon became of the sweat on him. She knelt and took the weight off Brad’s chest. “And I want to make my kitten the happiest kitten in the world. And I’d like to start right now. You admit to reading Cosmo right?”

“You know I do hon.”

“Well, I used to read Playboy when I was a sinle. And l learned something I’d like to try and if you like it maybe we should put it in our sexual repertoire. You lay on your back so I could fondle “her”.”

As Milly lay on her back she extended her left hand and admired her ring. Brad fondled “her”. Milly “Oh my god. That feels so good!. Her pelvis arched. “Lick “her”.” Milly gripped the sides of his head while Brad fondled her clit and licked the sides of her vagina. Her arms slammed down on the bed with a resounding thump and gripped the sheets. She raised her head. “Put “him” in”. Brad was erect again and mounted Milly. He kissed and sucked her breasts. Milly put her hand on the back of Brad’s head. She looked deep into his eyes. “Thank you. I love you” she whispered. Brad thrust and Milly groaned. She felt “him” throb madly. Her back arched and her hands gripped Brads behind. She pushed him in as far as she could and seconds later felt “him” explode inside her. She moaned and shivered trying to process these new sensations. Brad pulled out and disposed of the condom in the bathroom. He looked at his fiancée’s beautiful body. When he came back to bed he discovered Milly had rolled over and was now on her stomach. Sweat glistened and made her look more sexy and desirable. Milly was crying. Brad covered her with a sheet and quietly asked her what was wrong.

“Nothing. Not a darn thing. I’m just so happy. I feel complete.”


The following morning Milly awoke to the sound of quiet talking. One voice belonged to Brad. The other was one she had never heard before. She opened her eyes and saw Brad signing for a breakfast tray containing scrambled eggs, English bacon and orange juice. When the door closed Milly sat up. Brad went and got the other fluffy robe.

“I think you better put this on,” said Brad in a concerning, commanding tone.

As Milly put the robe on she notice sunlight streaming in and touching the floor.

“What time is it hon?”

“It’s just after seven-thirty kitten.”

“I’m famished. I could eat a horse” said Milly

“You haven’t eaten in twenty-four hours. With all the energy you’ve expended, last night and this morning, I’m surprised you aren’t gnawing on my leg.”

Milly suddenly had an evil but playful look in her eye.

“Quite true, but I did my best to gnaw on the best parts. Last night was fun. Boy, was I horny! Speaking of horny how many times did you…well you know what I mean.”

“If you’re asking how many times did I climax, cum, ejaculate, the number is five. Please don’t tell me my kitten is getting all shy. I really enjoyed seeing the wild sexy kitten I saw last night.”

“Well, this particular kitten needs to eat something. The eggs look great but I think I’ll skip the bacon. I’m not a bacon girl.”

“I’m going to tell you a deep dark secret. When I was a kid I hated bacon. But my grandmother got me to eat it. She would have me lie on my back, rub my tummy while she held the strip of bacon above my mouth. Her touch was so soft and gentle you forgot what you were eating something you didn’t like. She would lower the strip of bacon a little at a time while I munched on it. Want to try it?”

Milly looked at Brad. “This sounds borderline kinky, but since I accepted your ring I’m going to have to learn what I can about all things Foster. What do I do?”

“I assure it’s not kinky. Different maybe. But not kinky. All you have to do is lie on your back, undo your robe, and close your eyes.”

“Close your eyes? This is really beginning to sound kinky”

Milly lay on the bed, undid her robe with her head was at the bottom of the bed. “If you go crazy on me you’re going to get such a punch.”

Brad looked at the prone body of his wife-to-be. She was gorgeous. Brad gently placed his hand on Milly’s stomach. Slowly his hand began moving in a circular manner. “OK, so far its warm and cozy.”

“Now close your eyes and open your mouth,” said Brad slowly soothing Milly’s tummy.

Milly relaxed, closed her eyes, and opened her mouth.

Brad held a strip of crispy bacon between his thumb and forefinger. Milly put her hands on Brads. Brad lowered the bacon enough to touch Milly’s upper lip. Milly immediately closed her jaw.

Milly quickly got the hang of this feeding method. The feeling of Brad soothing her tummy almost put her to sleep. The bacon strip was slowly lowered. “This is yummy hon.” Brad reminded her this was her spa day. Milly rolled to the side of the bed as soon as she heard that. “OK, chow times over. I have a date with the shower.” As soon as she sat up she looked at Brad point blank. “I think your grandmother was on to something. Something worth repeating. But right now the shower beckons. Care to join me?” Brad watched Milly disrobe. “But no funny stuff. I don’t want to miss one second of some serious pampering.” When they were in the shower Brad became erect. The second Milly noticed this Brad was asked politely asked to “scram”. Brad tried to defend himself. “Sometimes it just happens. The pounding water stimulates things and up he comes”. When that didn’t work Brad tried telling her another possible excuse. “You’re naked and the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m looking at you. It would unnatural if he didn’t rise considering I’m madly in love with you.” Milly looked at him and pointed towards the shower door. “Scram this instant!”