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Egad! I’ve been tagged and asked by fellow author and accomplished scribe, Meg Sorick, to add to this forum for writers to get to know one another. Meg has helped me enormously with my writing and I want to thank her for tagging me and giving me this opportunity. The tag was created by Lorraine Ambers and Ari Meghlen for writers to connect with other writers and to help expand the writing community. We are asked 12 questions and encouraged to tag other writers. As always, no obligation on any of my nominees/victims. Here are my answers and my nominees:

Name one novel that inspired you to write.

I can’t say there is any one specific writer that made me want to put pen to paper. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Meg Sorick, Kurt Vonnegut, and Walter Lord as having a BIG influence on me. Their books, all wildly different genres, really made an impression on me. I have four of Megs five published titles, two of Kurt Vonnegut’s, and one book by Walter Lord (and that is going to the grave with me). Their books picked me up, gave me a good shake, and said “You can do this too”. And now I’m telling my stories thanks to them.

What’s your favorite genre to read and to write?

I’m going to make a confession. I’m not much of a reader. I’ll be very lucky if I read three books a year. But I don’t have a favorite genre in which to write in. I’ve dabbled in science-fiction, romance, historical fiction, and fan fiction. Being a child of the sixties I wrote a very long Star Trek story (48 pages!) that I never finished. To quote Mr. Spock “There are always possibilities”. And no, I am not a Trekkie or Trekker. Reading about history interests me the most.

Do you prefer to write stand alone or series?

Thus far my only published works are 18 years old and exist in an encyclopedia volume. But I’ve discovered I can only have one WIP. Some writers can have a numbers of WIP’s and I’m jealous as hell that they can do that. However, I find it much easier to concentrate on one WIP at a time. That way I can give it the proper attention it needs. I can write a series or a stand alone story. I don’t really prefer one over the other.

Use three words to describe yourself:

Inquisitive, funny, overly-relaxed (I know that’s using four words…sue me!)

Reveal your WIP aesthetics or an image that represents your main character or setting.

castles architecture scotland historical 1920x1080 wallpaper

I got this image from Google Images. I call it MacTaggert Castle. I didn’t want a real castle. But enough to make your jaw drop.

Bosworth Hall - exterior

This is Bosworth Hall. Located in Bosworth Market England. My wife and I stayed there in 1997. Has it’s own ghost, and a former owner of the then private residence set a mantrap for the lover of his daughter. The daughter walked into the trap by accident. She died from multiple stab wounds and blood loss.

How long did your first manuscript take you to draft?

I have yet to finish it, but I’ve worked on it on and off since 2006. It was my way of coping with the death of my mother-in-law. I’m a really slow two finger typist. I tried learning how to type properly but having a lot of double joints screwed that idea up.

Who is your author idol?

I don’t have a favorite author. But I did notice Erik Larson (Dead Reckoning) really got me me interested in what he was saying. The book Dead Reckoning is about the last voyage of the Lusitania. His book made me feel that I was on board, and I was a passenger. Walter Lord did much the same thing in the book called A Night To Remember. But right now Meg Sorick is writing a sci-fi series called Inhuman that is far superior to the “entertainment” that is currently on the TV.

Share a writing memory that made you determined to carry on.

When I got cancer I thought my life was over. Curtains. Check-out time. I lost 90 percent of my voice and was sick as a dog on a daily basis for most of 2016. During that time I ran a blog for other cancer patients and relatives. It helped others (not all) understand what was going to happen to them, and for my relatives what hell I was going thought. Writing made me want to carry on. To continue. To want to live. I want to leave something behind, something of worth that says “I WAS HERE!”

Tell us something surprising or unique about yourself.

I’ve been told I can be very stubborn at times. But if you think about it being called stubborn or intransigent is a bit of compliment. It proves I have an opinion by sticking to your beliefs. Also having a Scottish heritage comes with a lot of baggage.

Share the hardest part about being a writer and how you overcame it.

I used to write down notes. Pages and pages of notes. But when I had cancer IV’s were inserted in my hands on an almost daily basis. Nerve damage occurred. Soon my handwriting was pretty hard to read. I got a Sony digital recorder. I talk into it. My voice is about 90 percent gone but I can still  understand what I’m saying. It may be hard for others to understand me at times (this winter will be a challenge) but  if I talk slowly enough I can make it  through any conversation. I may sound like a cross between Mickey Mouse and the God Father (think Marlon Brando) but I’ll do it.

What’s your favorite social media and why? Share your link.

I don’t like Twitter. Instagram holds no interest for me. Same for LinkedIn or whatever it’s called. So that just leaves Facebook. But FB is getting paranoid about security. FB is alright for staying in touch with family. But it’s becoming bothersome at times and far too political.

Share some uplifting wisdom in six words or less.

Research. Save. Write. Edit. Save. Write.

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