Why I do What I do


What is blogging ? Well, if you want to get technical, “blog” is the combination of two words. Actually it’s one letter from one word, in this case it’s the letter “b” from the word “web”, combined with word “log”. That’s where the word “blog” comes from. But what is blogging ? Again, if you want to get technical, it’s basically transplanting thoughts from the brain to a computer screen. It’s sort an on-line diary. The subject of the blog can be anything. It could be part of a part of a book you’re writing, a movie review, suggestions on how to dress up your cat for Christmas, what new in the world of fashion, a baseball card collection, it could be somebodies opinion of a political leader, or how to play the kalimba under water, it can be anything at all. Or it can be about nothing in particular. A person may want to let you know how their day went, or a person can still be looking for their “niche”.

Who the heck blogs ? Well, from what I’ve seen almost everybody blogs in one way or another. I’ve been blogging since 2011 with two years off for a brief fight with cancer which it lost. That charming looking chap at the top of this blog is me. I’m 61. I turned 61 on November 14th. So I guess that makes me one of the more “senior” bloggers around. Most bloggers start in their teens. A lot of blogs last only a few years. The owners slowly stop posting, then stop altogether. For me blogging is a release. I need to write. I love to write. If I couldn’t blog anymore I’d be one cranky fellow. Right now I’ve pitched an idea to Buzzfeed about doing an essay about my fight with throat cancer. Throat cancer took away most of my voice, so now blogging is more essential than ever. My fingers have become my voice, so you’ll see me yakking about anything under the sun.

Lets see…I’ve talked about the word blog, what blogging is, and who does it. That about covers it.

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