Happy Holidays–Do You Want A Punch ?

Just word of warning. This won’t be your typical post, whatever that is. Mankind passed a milestone yesterday. And survived to tell the tale –albeit barely. Yesterday was no ordinary day. It was Black Friday. This particular day has a relatively short history. And I’m very thankful it happens only once a year. 

Prior to seeing the very first Star Wars film back the late seventies I don’t recall ever hearing the phrase “the dark side”. Black Friday has come to mean seeing the most ridiculous fights, stabbings, brawls – the dark side of humanity on the news. Black Friday has evolved to mean one thing: To go and buy something at fantastic savings, and hopefully not get your head handed to you. But more often than not it doesn’t work out that way. On the news some poor idiot was throw thought a store window all because he wanted a flat screen TV. The poor idiot, shook off some of the broken glass, and stabs the dumber idiot who idiot who threw him through the window. The dumber idiot immediately falls to the floor, landing smack on top of the box containing parts of what used to be a flat screen TV. The fairer sex, not to be out done, had a battle royale over a sweater and some lingerie. Fists, teeth, and bad language flew at great speed. Black Friday shows us our dark side in all its glory. Human kind at its basest. When we so called “evolved”  humans are raising the stupidity bar to new heights. Happy Holidays. Were the black eyes, bust teeth, and bruised egos worth it ?