Preparing To Be A Guest On A Podcast

K.M. Allan

Being a modern writer has a lot of perks. We get to use computers and grammar checkers to craft our masterpieces.

We also have social media to get the word out about our work on a global scale.

Another advantage of modern technology is podcasts, and how anyone with a microphone and one of those wonderful computers can have one.

While some writers start a podcast themselves, others are asked by said podcasts to be a guest.

While you might think you need to be a big name or have a bestseller to guest on a podcast, that’s not the case.

If you have a platform, like a blog, a popular social media account, or if you’re a well-known/interactive member of the writing community, there’s always a chance you’ll be asked by someone.

Now, we all know your first instinct will be to turn it down. You’ll go through…

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