The Imposition of Restrictions

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Stuart Aken

Stuart Aken

Mar 3


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The Imposition of Restrictions

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We now live in a world where information is ubiquitous, overwhelming in quantity, often dubious, and yet essential to our survival. Our problem in the Western region of our world is one of overload. But there are lands, too many, where people are denied access to much information, and it’s for those people this short piece is intended.
If the authorities in charge of your country, state, group, or congregation restrict your access to information from any source, they’ll tell you they do it for your own good. This is always a lie. There‘s only one reason authorities restrict information: because it undermines their power. That is it.
Any person or organisation that censors, restricts, removes or destroys information does so from the fear of being questioned. If subjects are kept uninformed, it is much easier to control them. This is true whether the authority in question is political, as in the obvious cases of Russia, China, and North Korea (there are many others, of course), or religious in nature, as in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, (again, there are many other situations where religion rules).
The first duty of any individual, whoever you are, wherever you live, is to question those in charge. Failure to do so makes the people as guilty of potential crimes as the leaders who commit them. And, if restrictions are so draconian as to make questions difficult to raise, those subject to such restriction must ask why, what is it your overlords are terrified you might discover? That they’re lying to you? That there are other ways to see the world? That you’ve been kept ignorant in order to control you? Because, it’s undeniable that restrictions on information are placed only to protect those who make such impositions. There’s no other reason.
Sorry if this is blindingly obvious to many readers. It’s intended for those deprived of knowledge and information, and those who impose such restrictions.

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