An Excess Of…Gifts.

Stuart Aken

In just ten weeks millions of gifts will be exchanged around the world. Before that, in less than two weeks, much money will be spent on ephemeral trappings associated with Halloween. More money will be literally sent up in smoke as fireworks a few days later. And, all over the world, regardless of creed, chosen deity, or secular event, people will spend time and money celebrating various festivals, giving gifts, decorating floats, visiting far off shrines and so much more.
Celebration of these, usually, annual events often results in the giving of items people neither need nor want, but nevertheless expect to receive. Doesn’t that strike you as odd? Or has the machinery and persuasive power of capitalistic PR completely convinced you of the need to be part of these activities of excess?

I hear the howls of denial and justification, the taunts of ‘spoilsport’ and worse. But I ask…

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