An Excess of…Religion?

Stuart Aken

Some questions for the faithful: This post is a search for answers to questions that have long bothered me. This is a genuine quest for information. I’m interested in the views of everyone, but especially those who espouse a faith.

Assuming your deity is considered both omnipotent (supremely powerful in every imaginable way) and omniscient (knowing everything there is to know), and wondering why he/she/they/it merits worship if your god isn’t these things, I’d like your answers, please. Whether, and how, you answer is, of course entirely up to you. I’m curious about certain aspects of religion and would appreciate a wide range of views, which you can easily enter in the comments section below.

Some background about me, for your information. Raised in the Church of England Christian protestant tradition, I served time as a choir boy, attended Sunday school, and, for a…

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5 thoughts on “An Excess of…Religion?

    1. Some of your questions are the questions I had in my teens, Questions that caused a parting of the ways between me and organized religion. If organized religion wants to survive, Church Of England, United Church of Canada, and most of all The Roman Catholic Church, would be wise to answer the questions you posed with real concrete answers. People will not tolerate mystisim clouded in hyperbole any longer.

      How any sane clergyman can spout “He’s everywhere” with a straight face is beyond me. How any church can wonder about dwindling membership after giving that sort of answer is beyond me.

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      1. Mine, too, Tom. I began to question religion when, following the death of my mother 2 days after my 16th birthday, our local congregation offered no help to the grieving family, despite the fact we were regular church goers and my mum was a well-respected and well-loved member of the community (the streets were lined with mourners as the funeral cortege drove from our home to the church).
        It was then I first read the Bible from cover to cover and discovered so much that made me question the whole basis of belief. I’ve never had any satisfactory answer to my questions. I now believe that’s because there is no satisfactory answer other than that the whole god thing is a fiction developed by men as a means of control.


  1. What surprises me is that so many people around the world accept the baloney without question today. I sometimes wonder how we (the human race) can call itself “enlightened” with all this hocus-pocus BS still around.

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    1. It’s why I posted this, Tom. I am also baffled how the world of the 21st century, with all the scientific advances, and the clear lack of evidence for any deity has been exposed, continues to accept religion and even expects us to respect it. Are we required to respect those who believe in a flat Earth, or fairies? Yet there is as much evidence for such things as there is for all religions. The blindness mostly arises from indoctrination by schools, parents, and peers. And the bulk of religious belief comes from a fear of the consequences if that belief is rejected. Superstition has a powerful hold on many people, unfortunately.


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