Today’s #PictureOfTheDay and #writingprompt: 02/Sept/21

I know there’s a critter in this photo. There has to be!

Stuart Aken

These pictures are here for your entertainment, joy, and, if you wish, inspiration to create something with words or images. Whether that results in a poem, story, play, novel, memory, essay, painting, drawing, sculpture, or another photograph is entirely up to you. But don’t feel obliged: you can simply enjoy the pictures. I’ve deliberately left the image untitled here to avoid directing anyone, but, if you feel the need to know, you’ll find the original with its title, here on my Picfair site.

If you create something from the pictorial prompt, I’d love to know. You’re welcome to post a link to your work in the comments section, or the work itself, if you wish. If you use my image in your own work, I’d appreciate a credit in the form of a link to this post. That way, more people will see both our work.

The idea here is…

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