The Time has Come!

Stuart Aken

I wrote it last year. Started the long, and somewhat convoluted, process of editing, both as self-editor initially and then with my publisher’s editors, early this year. We now have a launch date for my latest novel. So, I suppose I’d better let you all know what it’s called, especially now this information was released in yesterday’s post on my writing group’s website. There’s a lovely profile of me on there (not written by me), which you can reach by clicking this word.

So, what’s the title?

Well, I think the accompanying picture here might be a bit of a giveaway. So, the astute among you (and, let’s face it, all my readers are astute, are they not?) will have concluded the new book is titled ‘An Excess Of…’ That ellipsis is an essential component of said title. The phrase comes from James Boswell in his ‘Life of Samuel…

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