little life update + my favorite Easter song


Hey, all! What’s up? How’s life been going?

Mine hasn’t been too bad lately. There’s work of course, and then I also went to the mountains with a couple friends last weekend. Banff is gorgeous!!! I fell in love with the mountains themselves pretty much at once (even though my first close glimpses of them were in the dark). They are awe-inspiring, tranquil guardians. ❤ I was able to pick up some gifts for the fam in Banff’s maaaaaany gift shops, which was very fun.

I read Uncle Tom’s Cabin and watched The Light Between Oceans. My reactions to both are mixed (though I’m more positive about Uncle Tom’s Cabin). I’m also HUGELY excited for The Chosen Season 2 (episode one premiers this Sunday!).

There’s not actually too much to say in regards to life updates–work takes up quite a bit of my time (including on my days…

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