scattered thoughts on ‘the moon-spinners’ (1964).


The Moon-Spinners & Others Lot (Buena Vista, 1964). Trimmed Poster | Lot  #50322 | Heritage Auctions

For the life of me, I can’t remember the book I read where the main character mentions going to see this movie. (I think it was set in the sixties and he/she went to see it in the movie theatre.) I wish I could remember, because that bit in the book made me watch the movie on Disney Plus. And what a movie it was! Not perfect, not an absolute favorite, but very good for a live-action sixties Disney movie nonetheless. (I know that’s a very specific criteria, lol.)

As I share some of my ‘scattered thoughts’, let’s start with the fact that the theme song SLAPS.

The basic plot is as follows: Nikky (Hayley Mills), a tourist who’s come to Greece, stumbles upon a plot to sell stolen emeralds (and a desperate attempt to thwart that sale) that involves three or four menacing villains, a cute British guy…

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