Genres: NA, YA, MM, PNR

Vampires, Crime and Angels...Eclectic Me

Genres can be anything from NA, YA, MM, PNR and history, historical, mystery. What does it all mean?

I recently saw a list of literary genres on a website here, trying to help a writer define their genre and find out which one they belonged to. (NO genre definitions are from this site. I don’t agree with any of them!) I also had a conversation with someone online about how authors shouldn’t step outside of their ‘known’ genre because it was confusing for the reader. I, however, don’t agree. My genre is ‘romance’, so as long as I can create a believable romantic story then I don’t care if it’s paranormal, MM, YA or Contemporary. I will write what comes to me and what I think people want to read. But, let’s have a run down of the genres and discuss the options:

YA: Young Adult

This means the…

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