A #Romantic Short Story for You.

Ten love stories from Stuart Aken

Stuart Aken

In hope of giving you some entertainment in these peculiar times, here’s a short story. It’s a gentle romance, with a touch of humour, from a collection of such stories I published some time ago.

A Perfect Solution

Under the heat of a Mediterranean sun it seemed ludicrous to care about his worries back home. The girls almost in their bikinis, the ever-ready bar by the pool of inviting water, the tang of Greek cooking on the warm wind, all combined to feed the mind with more interesting images. Problems of the sort he’d left behind were too distant to be considered here. They were only words, after all.

The sunbed next to him creaked a little as the girl turned to face the sun, adjusting straps so she wouldn’t be striped at the end of the day’s worship. He studied her without her knowledge; designer shades covering his wandering…

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