Today’s Pictures: 3 Nov 20

And here’s another post, an exceptional one in my mind, from
Stuart Aken.

Stuart Aken

7 kilometres walked this morning (about 4 and a half miles) and we met just one other couple and saw 3 others at a distance. From Thursday of this week, the forest will be open only to local people, as England goes into a month-long lockdown. So our walks will remain local and we’ll meet even fewer people.

Today, we revisited the first path we ever walked here. That was on a day during the break we took to find a house to move to. At the time, we never realised, as we trod that path, that we would eventually move into a house only a mile and a half from that very track. It was lovely to revisit it and revive old memories. I hope the pictures bring you some joy.

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