RAGE! A #Poem

Stuart Aken

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How do you feel in the
presence of injustice
Do you rage at unfairness
Does inequality ignite your ire
Do you fume with fury
when you hear of a girl forced
early into marriage with an old man
when you learn of the boy denied
because his skin is another shade
when the killer is set free to kill again
when you see the waste discarded
when you witness excess damaging the world
when a man walks free as the jury says
the girl was raped for her short skirt
Does it make you feel enraged
when a gambler on the Stock Exchange
is paid a thousand times the wages of
the woman in the hospital who is daily saving lives
when you hear a politician promise you the Earth
knowing he will sacrifice the planet
just to further his career
Are you vexed by inequalities…

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