Finding the #Write #Words? No. 20: New Hart’s Rules

Stuart Aken

Continuing the description of books on words and language listed in the introductory post, which you’ll find here.

Book 20: New Hart’s Rules:

Hardback, 464 pages. Subtitled, The Oxford Style Guide, it was first published in 2005 by Oxford University Press. Mine is the 2014 edition and I paid £14.99 for it. The book is a completely revised and enlarged version of the old ‘Hart’s Rules for Compositors and Readers’, which I reviewed here in post 16 of this series.

I bought it because, as a writer, I feel I owe my readers as complete a knowledge of the tools of my trade as I can manage. Much has changed in the worlds of publishing and writing since I acquired the older version of this invaluable volume.

The book begins with a detailed description of the ‘parts of a book’, which explains how a book is constructed. This relates…

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3 thoughts on “Finding the #Write #Words? No. 20: New Hart’s Rules

    1. Greetings and salutations to a fellow Covid-19 shut-in. How’s life treating you? Are you getting ready for “big day” when you’ll walk your daughter down the aisle? How Val taking it having her daughter so far away? The photos you took were great and that valley sure had its share of leaves.

      I’ve never liked being shut-in, sequestered, etc. I feel like walking around. It’s rapidly getting nuts in the province of Ontario. Our Premier, (he’s sort of like Boris Johnson only with far less hair and a much larger waistline) has restricted gatherings to 50 or less which pretty well puts the kibosh on everything. At least it’s not like France – yet

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  1. Hi Tom. The UK is moving toward the French Solution, it seems. The wedding may well have to be postponed, even though it’s due to take place in September; there are so many unknonws now, and the likelihood is that either Australia will not allow them back home if they come to the UK, or the UK won’t allow them in! So, everything is in suspension for the moment. A wait and see sort of situation that I suspect applies to many others.
    Because we’re actually in the forest, and live in a small village, we’re not quite so affected by some of the restrictions and can, at the moment, leave our house and walk in the trees, so long as we maintain the 2 metre distance between us and other potentially hazardous people, which we do.
    I’m on the edge of those considered at risk, as I’m 71, have a history of chest problems, and suffer from an auto-immune condition, which leaves me a little more susceptible to possible infections. But the idea of remaining inside for weeks on end makes me feel ill (ironic, eh?). If the worst comes to the worst, we at least have an enclosed back garden we can sit in when the sun shines!
    You take care and stay well.


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