4 Signs It’s Time To Dump Your Work In Progress

K.M. Allan

No writer starts a work in progress with the intention of not taking it all the way.

That first sentence is always created with every expectation you’ll type “The end”, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

Life sidelines you. A shiny new idea comes along. Or this idea is simply the one that gets away.

4 Signs It’s Time To Dump Your Work In Progress

1. There’s No Spark

Sure, you might have felt all the things when you first got your idea, maybe the excitement even carried over into penning the opening chapters, but now that spark is gone.

If you can’t even make it to the dreaded middle stretch of your book without at least a flicker of a spark, it’s time to consider this WIP isn’t going to work out.

2. Interest Has Waned

And not just a little interest—all the interest.

If the thought…

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