#Brexit: A Sad Farewell to the EU.

A bit of emotion on England’s exit from the E.U by Stuart Aken

Stuart Aken

Sad news, but we, the UK, have now left the European Union. Probably the worst decision made in our long existence as a sort of democracy. Certainly not a time for celebration.

We’ll likely pay more for food, lose many manufacturing and service jobs, and reduce our influence on the world stage. As a member of the EU (pop. around 512 million) we had some influence on world affairs, but as a single nation (67 million) in a world with a population around 7,760,000,000, we represent significantly less than 1%. Who’s going to care what we think?

At a time when the world needs the greatest possible unity to fight the growing climate emergency and mass extinction, we’ve decided to abandon a group that at least had some clout to set against the idiocy of Trump. Seems like a form of suicide to me.

From my teens, I’ve considered myself…

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