Chapter 7A – Blue Cottage


On the way home, Peter and I talked about what had happened.  Actually, I did most of the talking. Peter listened. We put up the top on the MG. It was somewhat overcast and it looked like it might rain. The roof also facilitated talking.

As we left the city limits I raised the subject of Peters conduct the previous night. It was not a conversation I was not looking forward to having but one I thought we should at least try to talk about it.

“You really scared the hell out of me last night! I thought you really were going to rape me. You looked like a crazy man!”

Peter started shaking his head growling, and quietly cursing at the same time.

“Good god. You know I couldn’t and would never do that to you. I love you far too much to even contemplate it.”

“Well, the wild man of Borneo was in my bed last night and I didn’t like having to fight you off. Do you even remember me having to slap you?”

“So that’s why my face hurt this morning. When I was shaving the left side of my face really stung. Must have been a good wallop.”

“It’s not funny! I don’t like having to hit you you know.” There were tears in my eyes and I was shaking.

Peter stopped talking and pulled the car over to the side of the road and hung his head in shame. He knew he came dangerously close to doing the most horrible thing that can happen to a woman. And he apologized again. Then he turned and faced me. “Look, I know I behaved like an animal last night. Do think I like what’s happening to me? All I can do is assure you that I won’t ever do it again, and say you have no reason to fear me.”

He looked at the floor boards of the car while his hands gripped the steering wheel. And shook. “I can’t believe I’m even suggesting this but just in case the Wild Man pays us a return visit maybe we should sleep in separate bedrooms. What do you think?”

Peter turned his head and looked at me. There were tears in his eyes. If Peter was even suggesting something like that meant he knew he came very close to doing the unthinkable. It also meant he never wants it to happen again which was a good sign. A very good sign.

“I think that might be a bit drastic. Besides if you’re in a different bedroom it’ll be a little difficult to cuddle. I just want you to know that I know everything isn’t working the way you want it to. And we can try other things to help with the frustration. When my mom and had a row my dad always went outside and chopped wood. My mother knit but I don’t think that quite got her frustration out. It wasn’t physical enough. And every time my mom lost a knitting needle all it did was remind her of the fight. But one things for sure. There was always enough wood for the entire winter.”

Peter thought for a while then mumbled a bit. “Genius. It’s so simple it’s pure genius. After the she-devil and I split up I had split wood delivered to the cottage. But this year I’m going to do the splitting. When my memory starts to get fuzzy, which should be any time now, and I get all cheesed off I’ll go out and split wood. And should you and I have another fight, and I really hope we don’t, I’ll split wood. Plus it’ll keep me in good condition. What do you think?”

“Sounds okay in principle. Just remember you’re not Super Beaver. Don’t get ready for the Beaver Olympics just yet. Plus it might be a good idea to run this idea past Dr. Willowby too.” 

Just then Peter remembered something which at the time I sort of wish he hadn’t.

“Dr. Willowby said you wanted to say something to me. What was that all about?”

I took in a deep breath and remembered thinking “Yup, he’s a guy all right. He would remember that.”

But I chickened out and took the cowards way out. “Maybe we should talk about it when we get home.”


When we got home we went for a swim to celebrate getting zap number one out of the way. We were both on the inside portion of the L shaped dock so the number of people that could us see was next to zero. I asked Peter to stand behind me and to put his hand on my tummy. He thought I wanted him to sooth my tummy. Gently I gripped his hand and slowly guided it into my bikini bottoms.” I started to tremble.

“Are you cold m’lady?’ I shook my head slowly.

“If you’re nervous and if this is what Dr. Willowby was talking about why we adjourn to a warmer, comfortable, more private setting.”

I started nodding rapidly and skedaddled out the water. I was surprised Peter picked on the fact that I was nervous as hell.

Peter must have read my mind. I was as nervous as he must have been when the mask was being made. We got out of the water and made our way into the bedroom. We both took our suits off and let them air dry. After drying ourselves off we both lay on the bed. One of the things Dr. Willowby said was that this would a lot more effective if Peter thought of the idea, or at least thought he did.

When I lay down on the bed I asked Peter if he would mind soothing my tummy.

“Of course not”.

I lay on the bed naked and nervous. With luck he would get satisfied by satisfying me. But I couldn’t stop wondering would I have to show him? Did I have the courage to show him what I wanted him to do?

Peter was on his side when he put his hand on my tummy. And he moved it slowly in circular motions. He moved his hand downwards ever so slightly. Hesitantly and very gently his hand brushed against her. And soon he started stroking her. Something I hadn’t even thought of. He leaned over and started kissing and licking my lips. I started to purr. What he was doing was oh so comfy. I might have dozed off if he hadn’t started sucking my breasts. As he sucked my breasts he stroked the hair down there. I was in the zone. It just felt so right. He moved his hand just a little bit more and put his fingers between my legs. And his fingers started stroking the sides of her getting me more and more aroused. The feeling was gentle but electric at the same time. I started to quiver and closed my eyes. It felt wonderful. Without knowing it I moved his hand and pushed one of his fingers inside. Soon I started panting frantically. Soon all his fingers were between my legs and his thumb was stroking the hair. He moved one of his fingers rapidly in and out and got me so excited. I couldn’t stand it any longer. One moan and quiver let him know what he had done to me. “For gods sake don’t stop!” I pleaded. He got between my legs and put all his fingers to work. Jeepers, I felt so friggin’ alive. Suddenly he pulled his fingers out and put his tongue where his fingers had been. That pushed me over the edge. I moaned a very primal moan, said “OHH!”, and arched my back. Satisfied beyond my wildest dreams I collapsed on the bed. I turned on to my side and looked at Peter. “You still got it, tiger. No doubt about that. Will you do that again please?” still desiring the feelings deep inside.

Peter was really happy he could still please me. He put his hand on her and whispered “Thank you.” His smile said it all.

“Did you know that now you have sexy, sleepy, satisfied eyes? How could I possibly resist such a request from such a gorgeous woman.”

Peter did it again. Three wonderful times. And my legs felt so rubbery I fell backwards onto the bed. My body hadn’t been satisfied in this way ever before. I was embarrassed that I had been so shy. But I’m glad that was Peter who showed me what I had been missing. To thank him I put on my robe and made dinner. Peter put on his robe and walked into the kitchen. He put his hand up my robe and started to rub down there. I was already weak-kneed enough. I turned around and put my head on his chest and spoke softly. “Look Stud. If you want any dinner you’re going have to stop what you’re doing for the time being and get out of my kitchen. She may be interested in an encore performance later but right now I’m hungry. I know it’s your cottage but this is my kitchen. Now scoot and keep that tongue in tip top shape”. Then I kissed him. One those slow, smoldering, arousing kisses that say “I may want more”. He may be great in bed but in the kitchen he’s a walking, talking disaster area.

…still more to come

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