Chapter 6A – Blue Cottage


I was face down on top of the mattress. Exhausted. The sheets were sad shape. They were torn and in need of a change. I had all the energy that you can find on the pointy end of a pin. But just enough energy to open one eyelid. I felt whole and wonderfully complete. I finally found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. From what I could hear he was doing something in the kitchen. I could smell something yummy but I was just too tired to identify the smells. I heard pans clang together. Peter soon walked into the bedroom wearing a big fluffy robe he probably got from some hotel, carrying a small tray. I could see a stack of waffles was on one dish while toast was on another. A glass of orange juice sat beside the dishes. And there was life-giving coffee!  But it was the way he woke me up. He put the tray on a chair and started to gently rub my tummy which was oh so soothing I almost fell asleep again. And he gently kissed my lips just barely touching them. Then he ran the tip of his tongue over the surface of them. That stirred feelings deep inside me that made me want oh so much more. He was standing at the side of the bed and knelt down till he could see my face. I loved the way he looked into my eyes. He stood up and bent over and whispered into my ear. Talk about a wakeup call!

“Good morning sleepy head. Oh, by the way. I do love you, Cassie Carter. Will you please be my wife…please?”

That got my attention. I was engaged to be married. At least, I think I was. As I sat up my brain started functioning. I came to the conclusion I really was engaged and Peter really was going to be my husband. And then I remembered everything else that led to that conclusion. And the feelings that followed the conclusion. Those warm yummy feelings. I felt so warm inside. But as much as I wanted food I wanted something else, something a lot more satisfying. I tried reaching for Peters robe but he was just out of reach. I really wanted to untie that damn robe and get to what was behind it.

“Stop swatting my robe. Eat first then we can….well you know. Put tab A into slot B.”

I’ve heard the physical act of sex described in many ways, some in dreamy romantic ways, some really graphic and gross. But I’ve never heard it described in quite that manner. I lifted up the sheets and peeked trying to figure out which part I was. Then I decided I that at that exact moment in time I really didn’t care.

A minute after I stopped swatting at Peters robe (he actually made me promise to stop swatting!) he finally sat on the edge of the bed. I sat up and looked at the contents of the tray while I slowly slipped a hand onto his thigh and…well, I think you can guess where my hand was headed. I discovered there was a small dish of crispy bacon on the tray.

“This looks so good. The bacon, the waffles, the orange juice. But what I really want isn’t on the tray. It’s nearby and it’s so obedient too.”

I felt a slight stiffening. I had done it! I got him all hot and bothered. I think it’s safe to say it has been a while since a woman did that to him. Peter took off the robe with great flair and flung it on a chair. He got back in bed with the speed of a rabbit after a carrot.

“All right woman. Prepare to be tabbed.” I already was.

I surprised him and rolled on top of him. I got on top so I could eat and “be tabbed” at the same time. I almost spilled my orange juice on Peters’ face. But I discovered something rather interesting. I could munch on the bacon while we played “tab and slot”. I even fed Peter a strip of bacon but I think he preferred munching on me. After a toe-curling shudder, I know he preferred munching on me. His grin told me that. For a little variety, I lifted up one of my breasts and put a little butter on the nipple. What that man could do with his tongue! Then I put a dab of jam on my other nipple then put my hands on either side of his head. We rubbed our noses together then kissed. He ran his fingers through my hair while he sucked on the nipples. What a feeling. I arched my back and purred. I don’t know which was better. What he was doing to me or what I was doing for him. He whispered that he wanted some more bacon. There was only one slice still on the dish. I picked it up. It was stone cold. I told him it was cold. He insisted on the bacon saying I’ll like the result. I noticed that the further I inserted bacon went into him the more he inserted “tab” into me. There was no on this earth I was going to argue with that, and he got the bacon. I really wish there was another slice on the dish. After another shudder, I got off of Peter. I sat on the bed panting while he reached for what was left of my orange juice.

“Hey! That’s mine. Get your own” I said playfully.

As punishment (If you want to call it that), I got back on top. I  think Peter rather enjoyed having me on top. He loved looking at me. All of me. And I loved the attention. It felt perfectly natural to have him look at my body. All of it. When I was on top I asked him which part of me he liked looking at most. He pointed at my tummy. “Life starts in there” he whispered. Of all the places he could have picked. All of a sudden he grabbed my fanny and pushed me down on top of “tab”. I knew what was about to happen. And it felt wonderful. I gripped the sheets, closed my eyes and moaned. My vision went blurry for a while. My eyes must have rolled. It had never happened to me quite like that before. It was just so intense. After the feeling left me I collapsed on Peters’ chest. I was exhausted. I was also covered in sweat. Peter somehow pulled the sheets up so I wouldn’t get cold. He also put his arms around me. Lordy, what a ride! He started massaging the muscles at the base of my neck and whispered something.

“Shower or swim? m’lady”

I was too tired to do much thinking.

“Shwim” I said. I think.


I started to wake up in the shower. I was so glad that I didn’t have to think. I was numb but it was a very pleasant satisfied kind of numb. A woman can have sex and experience a lot of the feelings I did. But when a woman loves the man she’s with and willingly gives her body to him the feelings, the level of satisfaction she gets is so much more. I’m not sure it’s the same for a man, but that’s the way it is for me. So far Peter and I have had sex only twice and its been excruciating exquisite each time. I hope it’s like this for the rest of time.


We were in then kitchen cleaning up after lunch when Peters phone rang and he handed the it to me. It was Dr. Willowby. He said a spot had just opened up. I put him on speaker phone so Peter could hear him.

“I hope this doesn’t foul up your plans but this sort of thing rarely happens. If we could start your treatments next week that would be great. The sooner we get a jump on this bug the better. You’d be finished two full weeks sooner. Your summer wouldn’t be a total loss. Do you have any questions?”

I turned toward Peter and he croaked out a few words (at least I think they were words), but he was having a really bad day. I translated as best I could. Before I spoke with Dr. Willowby I consulted with Peter if I understood him correctly. “Are you really sure you want me to ask him that?” I asked him. Peter nodded slowly. I turned my attention back to the phone.

“Sorry for the delay Dr. Willowby. I wanted to make sure I understood Peter correctly. He would like to know if somebody had to die in order for him to be put on the fast track?”

I think Dr. Willowby was surprised by the question. You could hear him audibly sigh before answering.

“I’m afraid so. Another patient was already getting radiation treatment when his heart simply gave out. But he had a stage four cancer. Look, I’m sorry to put you on the spot but I need an answer right now.”

I leaned over and whispered in Peters’ ear. “I want my husband whole”. Peter nodded. “Just tell us what time you want us,” I said.

“Great. You really got lucky.-”

All of a sudden Peter smiled and croaked “I certainly did”. He squeezed my hand. He then gave me a surprise. He told me he loved me in American sign language. He pointed at himself, covered his heart and pointed at me. Dr. Willowby got a little flustered after realizing what he had said.

“I…um…oh…All of your appointments will be at 10 AM except for Wednesdays. I want you to wear collarless tee-shirts. Bring your health card and you’ll be good to go. Just one question. Who is your next of kin?”

Peter croaked out one-word “Fiancée”

“Peter, did you say fiancé?” asked a perplexed Dr. Willowby.

I put one hand on Peters’ chest and a finger to my lips. “He sure did Dr. Willowby. We’re engaged to be married!” I said enthusiastically.

There was a pause while Dr. Willowby processed what he just heard.

“Well…Congratulations to you both! All the more reason to start early. Tee-shirt and health card for you Peter. Come to my office on floor number 2 after your treatment. Have you got a notepad nearby?” he asked.

I walked over and got the one from the kitchen counter and came back to the phone.

“You’ll be in treatment room 5 which located on level 2B or 2 below. Just come into the hospital, go to the elevator, and press the button marked 2B. After your first treatment you’ll be given a green card which you can simply scan when you arrive each day. When you do that my office will be notified instantly you’re in the hospital and ready to get zapped. After the treatment, I want to see you both. Congrats to you both. You both deserve a break. You two sure know how to brighten up my day. I just sent you a text message with the instructions as a back-up to this call. See you on Monday after the first treatment. Bye.”

I don’t know if it was a good omen but a shaft of sunshine suddenly flooded the living room.


That night before bed I was reading on the couch and Peter was in his favorite recliner doing the same. And it just wouldn’t leave my mind. I had to ask him.

“This question has been on my mind most of the day. Do you really like my tummy the most or did I put you on the spot?”.

Peter put a bookmark in his book. He got out of his chair and came over to the couch beside me. After he sat down I put my head in his lap, got nice and comfy and looked up at him. He stroked my hair and for a short time rubbed my tummy.

“This question is really important to you. Why?’ he asked.

The question did mean a lot to me. I didn’t know why, but for some reason I needed to know the answer.

“Most men would have chosen a body part that was much more obvious like my breasts or “down there”. Most men would have chosen something that gives them pleasure and was visible. But you didn’t, and I’m really curious why you chose my tummy. Personally, I think it’s about as arousing as a shoe box. So scribe, tell me why?”. I squirmed a bit trying to get really comfy. I liked where I was.

Peter unbuttoned my blouse and put his hand on my tummy. His voice was a soft whisper at the end of the day.

“Life is special and not something to be taken lightly. You have the eggs” his hand pressed on my tummy “and I have the sperm. By themselves they’re not very useful. But life can only happen when the two are mixed together. In your tummy. I’m hoping you and I can have a boy and a girl. But no matter who we get they’ll all start in same place. And if for some reason we can’t have our own children we can always adopt. Adopting a child that isn’t part of you biologically doesn’t make it any less special. In time, it will become part of us. And in a little more time we’ll become part of it.”

That answer just blew me away. I didn’t expecting any of it. I expected something like “I love your boobs” or “I just love being inside”. But he didn’t go for any of the typical answers. Obviously he had been giving this a lot of thought. His non-answers only brought up more questions.

“Where on Earth did that come from? How long have you been thinking about this” I asked totally unprepared for the answer.

“Let me try to finish my answer to your first question.” He took a breath in. As each day passed it was getting just a bit harder to speak. “Don’t think for a second I’m disappointed with your body. I can’t get enough your breasts” he gave them a gentle squeeze “and I’m totally in love with “her”. He put his hand between my legs and on her. When you were on laying on the deck at Blue Cottage I couldn’t stop looking at you. You, m’lady, have a body that will stop traffic. I am so lucky I was in the water or you would have seen a real lump under my wet suit.”

I was surprised at this admission. I put a finger nail between my teeth as I looked into his eyes. I wanted to know more. I had no idea my body had this effect on him.

“But you hadn’t seen me naked yet. How did you get aroused?” I really wanted to know the answer to this.

“When I was looking at you I was letting my fertile, slightly warped imagination run wild. And when you sat a certain way I could almost see everything. But you needn’t worry. You had to be sitting at at a very specific angle, with me being at an equally specific angle. I assure you nobody else saw or could see anything.”

I sat bolt upright and looked right at him. “What do you mean I needn’t worry? Your goodies weren’t on display for the whole world to see!. I’m burning that bikini tomorrow!” Peter convinced me to keep the bikini for when just he and I were on the deck. I tightened up of couple of thread bundles and everything that shouldn’t be seen soon couldn’t. From then on whenever we were on the deck and he looked at me I knew he was looking at me. Just what his imagination was up to…well, lets just say the jury’s still out.

…still more to come

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