Chapter 21–Summons From A Far


At six-thirty in the morning, Milly was returning from what felt was her millionth trip to the bathroom. She tiptoed to Brads side of the bed. He was sleeping on his back and his mouth was partially open. His snoring was not the traditional loud horrific sound but more like a purr. She lifted the covers overhanging his side of the bed and peeked at “him”. The Calamine had done the trick. “He” looked much better. The sheets next to his skin were a bright shade of pink. She decided she should let the maids puzzle over that. Then she had a mischievous thought. She took off the top half of her baby-doll negligee and gently crawled on top of Brad’s chest. He started to stir so Milly put her head on his chest. She found his heart beat so soothing she almost fell asleep. But Milly was on a mission. She wanted to conduct an experiment. At one point all that separated “him” from “her” were her bikini bottoms. She didn’t want to get “him” excited so Milly moved away from “him”. Soon she was nose to nose with Brad. As soon as her head was on top of Brad’s head she started to conduct her experiment. Her breasts were just above Brad’s mouth. Slowly she lowered one nipple to Brad’s mouth. His tongue came out and he made approving sounds. He moved his head ever so slightly till she felt his lips brush against her nipple. Milly felt a tingle go up and down her back. Suddenly she felt his lips surround her nipple and start sucking. Milly felt a level of excitement she had not felt since Brad first sucked her breasts. She wanted to moan, cry out, anything. To keep from waking Brad she put her hand over her mouth. But when he started licking an already aroused nipple Milly realized her experiment had backfired. Without her expecting it Brad had really aroused Milly. He wasn’t as excited Milly certainly was. Milly slowly extracted the nipple from Brad’s mouth and gently slid off of Brad’s chest and onto her side of the bed. But the problem remained. She was still super horny. She looked under the sheet. “He” wasn’t erect enough to do anything. She raised her head and looked at the top of her bikini. Could she do it? She had never pleasured herself before. She didn’t know how to. Brad always did that. All she knew was that if she didn’t do something fast she felt she would explode.

“What a truly wonderful way to wake up in the morning. Breakfast in bed” said Brad with a smile on his face and now on his side. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“I’ll say there is. Give me your hand” she said franticly. Milly took Brad’s hand and thrust it down her bikini. She felt his fingers search for “her” and when they found “her” they plunged inside making Milly climax. Soon Milly and “she” relaxed. Brad got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Soon Milly sat up hugging her knees.

“Just wait a cotton pickin’ minute. How long have you been awake?” demanded Milly.

“Since the last time you went to the bathroom. This toilet isn’t very quiet.”

Milly was flustered and bewildered “You mean….”.

“I’ve been awake since you peeked under the hood. Incidentally, how is “he” doing?” asked Brad with a certain amount of concern.

“You mean you were awake the whole time I was on top of you?”

“It was murder making sure “he” didn’t get excited. And when your hair fell in my face that was tough too. I’ve been awake since 6: 25. Just for my own edification what were you trying to do Kitten?”

Milly got under the sheets. She pouted and squeezed the pillow close to her chest. “Brad Foster you’re a rat! I was trying to be really quiet. Before I got out of out of bed I looked at you and your mouth was open about an inch. While I was in the bathroom I wondered if you would suck my breasts when you were asleep. So I planned to find out. I-”

“You looked gorgeous as hell when you took your top off. The rising sun silhouetted your body and made you look more beautiful than ever before. But when your nipples brushed my lips it took even more concentration not start sucking right away.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“I had yet to figure out what you were doing. It was only when you lowered your breast to my lips did I figure it out. But you didn’t count on the feeling it would give you. Aren’t you glad I was awake?”

Milly responded with a very muffled yes. “Just out of curiosity what would you have done if I was really asleep?” asked Brad.

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” Milly started crying. Brad moved beside her and held her tight. “Can you tell me why you did what you did?” Brad wiped away the tears with his thumbs.

Milly used the bed sheets to dry her face. “I love children. That’s why I specialize in pediatrics. But more than anything I want a baby from you! I want to nurse it, see the little guy go to his first day of school, but more than anything I want to feel him grow inside me.” Milly took Brad’s hand and put it on her tummy. “I want a part of you I can look at when you’re at the hospital. I want to see those “firsts” you hear other parents talk about. It tears me up you want to wait at least two more years. I’m not getting any younger and every time Mother Nature sends her calling card I can’t help but think it’s one less chance to have a baby.”

Brad was surprised by the clarity of her response. He thought about what he could say and only one option seemed available. “I didn’t know you felt so passionately about being a mother. Something tells me we better tell Fergus Foster Cottage will need at least two rooms for us. Preferably three. A master bedroom, a guest bedroom, and a room for the baby.”

Milly looked at Brad with moist eyes. That fact that her hair was everywhere didn’t help matters.

Milly looked at Brad. “I can’t tell if you’re joking. Your right eyebrow usually twitches when you joke. When do you think we should start trying?”

Brad wasted no time. “I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t start tomorrow night. I’m very sure a lot of kids get their start right about then. And we should try till we get it right. Do you think we should look into genetic testing or just wing it like millions of other parents have?”

Milly hugged Brad as she had never hugged him before. He was almost gasping for air when she released him. Brad had heard her and he had listened. Milly started crying. They were tears of joy. “I just want a healthy baby. Thank you for really listening to my needs. Do have any special names in mind?”

“Whoa there missy. Let’s get pregnant first. As for names I like Jamie and Jessica. But if the baby is a girl, and if she’s anything like the hell raiser your father says you were I was thinking Rasputina.” Milly gripped a pillow then clobbered Brad. “I’ll have you know I was not a hell-raiser. I may have been overly energetic at times, but I was not, in any shape or form, a hell-raiser.” Milly walked to the bathroom. “You’re evil you know that?” Milly slammed the bathroom door.


As the Lotus sped to the Bosworth Market Hospice silence reigned inside. Milly was still angry at Brad. Her crossed arms coupled with the scowl on her face told Brad he was in the doghouse.

“OK, I apologize. I may have gone too far with the names. I didn’t know it meant so much to you. Ever since you belted me with the pillow I’ve thought of one more name. I like your dad’s name. Tyler. Tyler sounds sophisticated without being overly stuffy.”

Milly turned her head at him and growled. “Are you calling my father “stuffy”?” Because if you are you’re getting different sleeping accommodations tonight!”


As Brad turned into the parking lot of the hospice he started muttering to himself. Milly turned her head and gave him a steely look. As he unbuckled the seat belt he looked at Milly.

“That’s the last damn time I apologize for anything. So let’s get this over with.”

Milly spoke up. “But this parking spot is reserved for somebody else.”

Brad was in a really foul mood and really didn’t care. He responded the only way he could. “I really don’t care and right now I don’t give a good god damn.” All of sudden Milly pushed him up against the stone archway and of the hospice and planted a really passionate kiss on his lips. “Let’s put all this baby stuff on hold. Let’s deal with Gil then the wedding. Afterward, we can kill each other.”

Brad and Milly held hands as they approached the Matron in charge of the first floor. “I’m Dr. Brad Foster and this is Dr. Milly Shine. Gil Whitaker sent us some correspondence.” The Matron pushed her glasses up her nose. “I remember you, Dr. Foster. I’m glad to say that Gil is still with us. However, he’s not as chipper today. But you Dr. Shine might get him to brighten up. He always likes a pretty lady to look at.” Brad coughed a bit to indicate he’d like to ask a question. “Dr. Shine and I are getting married tomorrow and we’d like to know if you think he’d be able to handle a wedding?” The matron slowly started shaking her head from side to side. “Since you visited last Gil has entered the sundowning stage. I don’t think he’ll be with us in six months time. It’s like he’s accomplished something that was very important to him and he’s simply waiting to die. You’re more than welcome to visit him, but I’m afraid that going to anybody’s wedding is out the question. He’s in the sunroom.”

The two of them walked slowly towards the sunroom. Brad saw Gil and was shocked by how much he had deteriorated. As they entered the sunroom Brad knocked on the door frame. Gil looked out the window and barely acknowledged them.

“Gil? Do you remember me? I’m Brad.”

Brad pointed at Milly. “And this is Milly.”

Milly moved closer.

“Mr. Whitaker you wrote me a letter. Do you remember doing that?” Milly knelt beside him and looked into his eyes. They were gray and tired. She stood up. She faced Brad. “The lights are barely on but I don’t think anybody’s home. Sorry, Hon.” Brad sat beside Gil and played him the recording of their first meeting. He placed the recorder/player on the table in front of him. It was also the first time Milly had heard the recording. He pressed the play button.

“Oh my god. Now I remember. You’re Dr. Brad Foster. If I may be so bold where is your better half? Is Milly your wife yet?”

Gil lifted his head a bit and looked like he was recalling the conversation.

“Gil, may I call you Gil?” asked Brad.

“Let me guess why you’re here. You’d like to know about the letter I wrote you. I wrote Milly a letter too. The contents were a little different but essentially the same. I used to have a great interest in genealogy. But it wasn’t my family I was interested in. It was yours.” Milly didn’t know why but Gil sounded familiar. “Did you know I went back as far as 1530 in my research? I bet you didn’t. And you know what I discovered? That every 75 years, there is a couple named Brad and Milly who marry. That by itself isn’t astounding. But the photos and paintings are. The people in them all look very similar. You look a bit like my uncle Brad. Uncle Brad was born in 1920. And he learned there was another couple named Brad and Milly who married in 1865. The names changed then very slightly from Brad to Bradford and from Milly to Millicent but the names were basically the same. Then all of a sudden the pattern of Brad and Milly marriages changed. You were born only 60 years after my uncle and Milly was 62 years after my uncle. That’s why I wrote you.”

Brad asked about the letter to Milly. “Can you tell me anything about the letter you wrote to Milly?” Milly discovered that Brad was curious about her letter, a subject he never asked her about.“I can but I won’t. I’ve asked her not to tell you anything about the letter until you propose to her. And judging from the expression on your face you’re already thinking about asking her.” The recording continued.“But how could you possibly know that? I only started to think about asking her this morning.”

“Just before the second world war, I was obsessed with patterns. To be more precise I dealt with the numerical probability that a given person would do something specific. I discovered that there is a high statistical probability that someone named Brad, or a person with a variation of the name will marry a woman named Milly, or a person with a variation of that name. I also discovered they usually one or two kids. Their grandchildren are usually named after their grandfather or grandmother. And the cycle starts all over. But you and Milly broke the pattern. I know I’m slowly dying. And before I die I want to find out how or why you two broke the pattern.”

Brad offered a possible reason for the pattern change.

“I think I might know the answer. All of your computations are based on definitive actions. Actions you can predict. You can predict A will marry B but you can’t quantify love and the desire to procreate. Both are instincts that are simply impossible to predict. Before Milly moved into the apartment opposite me I saw her occasionally at our place of work. She was a co-worker. A very attractive and sexy co-worker, but as I said I saw her very occasionally. After she moved into the apartment opposite mine we became friends and a romance that I never want to end blossomed. Right now I want her in my life. I want to be able to call her my wife. We’ve never discussed children but I know I want a daughter and a son in that order-”

Milly’s eyes started well up. She had no idea Brad had said anything like that to anyone. As the player continued Gil offered a comment about children that made her laugh a bit.

“Normally we get one or the other. Science may help us go in one direction or another, but it’s usually one at a time with a fifty percent chance of getting what you hope for.”

Then Brad talked more about children. “As I said Milly and I have never really discussed children. But I suspect the subject will rise to the forefront rather soon if she says yes. And I pray she does because I don’t want any other women in my life. I love her so much I can’t imagine breathing without her in my life.” Milly leaned against the door frame with tears in her eyes. For the first time, she heard the fear in Brad’s voice. Fear of losing her.

Gil now offered what sounded like grandfatherly advice. “My boy, I can see you’re head over heels in love with Milly. And the longer you put off asking her…well let’s just say the effects aren’t very pleasant. I remember my dad telling me about a bombing raid before my uncle Brad asked his Milly. He couldn’t see him, but he could hear him on the intercom. My father could hear him moan and groan. It was just awful. He said sounded like a scared puppy experiencing his first thunderstorm. My advice son is to buy that ring and ask her. Do it today after you leave here. If she feels what you so obviously feel for her I’m pretty sure she’ll say yes.”

The recording soon came to an end. “I sure wish Milly could have been here. I’m going to take your advice and buy that ring. I want to ask her tonight. Knowing I love her and not telling her is eating me up inside.” Milly put her hand to mouth in a combination of surprise and shock. She ran across the room and gave Gil a kiss on the cheek. Then something surprising happened.

Gil spoke.

“Love him and hang onto him.” He winked at Milly.

Milly held him by the shoulders, and looked into his eyes again. “You can count on that. Thank you” she whispered.

The matron came and got Gil. “It’s time for a nap.” She ushered Gil out of the room. Milly looked at Brad and apologized. “Why didn’t you ever play that recording before?” asked Milly. Brads only answer was that he simply forgot. But he did remember something else.

“OK. I’ve proposed. You said yes. What did Gil tell you in your letter that he wouldn’t tell me? What did the letter say that was so special kitten?”

“Only the names of our five grandchildren that’s all.”

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