How to show, not tell

Another piece of honesty from the pen of Milly Schmidt. One every author – aspiring or not – should read. Milly reveals something every author struggles with at some time or another.

The Cat's Write

Back in June, I attended a NEWC writing workshop called ‘Kiss and Kill’, presented by Australian crime author, Bronwyn Parry (who writes romantic suspense novels).

For the workshop, we needed to bring along a crime-related short or novel, so I decided to bring along my WIP, a crime novel about a struggling writer called Violet Brown who is jealous of her famous author brother, Simon, who writes a popular crime fiction series recently hijacked by a real-life serial killer.

At one point during the workshop, we were given a small writing exercise. When we were done, Parry asked if we would like to read our work to the group. Despite being nervous, I jumped at the chance to have a seasoned professional point out my mistakes. Because hey, we only live once! And I could always go find a nice rock to live under afterwards.

After reading my piece, Parry…

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