Chapter 14 – Summons From A Far

Not long after breakfast the following morning Brad and Milly walked arm in arm around the MacTaggert estate. They were enjoying the fresh air. Soon after the walk began Tilly joined them. She hooked one arm in Milly’s and the other in Brad’s. She was grinning from ear to ear. After only a few seconds she started talking.

“A son. At long last, I’m going to have a son.”

Milly could not believe her ears. She unhooked her arm and put her hands on her hips and let her mother have it with both barrels.

“Hey!” she said in indignation. “Well, I’m sorry I was so much of a disappointment!” Milly was hurt and started sniffling.

Tilly quickly realized she could have phrased her last sentence far better. She unhooked from Brad, dropped back a few paces, hooked her arm back in her daughters and caught up to Brad. When all three were connected again she elaborated.

“That’s not what I meant at all. Before we were married your father and I talked a lot about children. Neither of us wanted just one. Being only children ourselves we knew that was a pretty lonely existence. We wanted a boy and a girl. But after you were born I was advised not to have any more children. Without going into detail let’s just say there was something wrong with me. So we didn’t try. That’s what I meant when I said: “at long last, I’m going to have a son”. You’ve got to stop taking things so literally.”

Milly looked at her mother and pointed at Brad.

“So you were talking about Brad?”

“Exactly! Have you two talked about children?”

Milly looked at Brad and Brad pointed back at Milly. “Sounds like your mom has a question.”

“Brad and I have talked about children. Just like you and daddy we both want two children. We both feel this way because we’re both only children and being the only kid in the house was lonely. When Brad and I were discussing the matter we both agreed that not having someone else near your own age to talk to was lonely.”

“All right. What about a date? Have you set a date? Do you have a place in mind for the wedding? Have either you thought about where you want to honeymoon?”

“I haven’t given any of those questions much thought. Things sort of happened pretty quickly. But I suspect Milly has a few dozen thoughts about those questions Mrs. Shine.” said Brad.

“I want you to call me Tilly from this moment on. I don’t want to hear you call me Mrs. Shine anymore.”

“Tilly it is. You have no idea how much weight you just took off my shoulders. I’ve been trying to figure out what I should call you all morning.” Brad pointed to Milly. “She’s your mom so I suggest you field this question as well Kitten.”

But before Milly had a chance to utter one syllable Tilly interrupted.

“That’s one thing I wanted to ask you, Brad. I couldn’t help but notice that you called Milly “Kitten” several times last night. Does it have any special significance?”

Brad had to think fast. Milly didn’t want her mom to know the true reason for the name. Brad was fast discovering Milly’s mom could be quite a handful at times.

“When we were landing Milly was holding my hand so tightly her fingernails or “claws” dug into my hand. Plus her hair is so soft. A trait I suspect she gets from her mother. So I call her “Kitten”. It’s sort of pet name pardon the pun. When I say something and begin or end it with the word “Kitten” she knows either I’m talking to her or the sentence was meant just for her.”

She quickly turned her head and looked at Milly. “And what do you call Brad?” she asked.

“I’ve decided to call him “Hon”. This way he knows what I’m saying is meant just for him. I tried “Honey” a few times but too many people call their significant others “Honey”. But let’s get back to your question about the wedding, and the honeymoon. Just after we arrived at Bosworth Hall I thought it would be a simply gorgeous place for the wedding. But since we arrived here at Dr. MacTaggerts estate I’m thinking this might a good place too.”

“When I heard you stopped in Bosworth Market I couldn’t possibly figure out why. Why did you go there?”

This time Milly motioned for Brad to deal with this question. “Take it away, Hon.”

After going “Ah” a few times Brad came up with an answer that wasn’t far from the truth.

“We stopped there so I could attend to Foster family business. Most of it was legal jargon that makes my eyes glaze over. But I was asked to attend to it.”

“Reminds me of the very first time I read a legal contract. It almost put me to sleep. Doctors talk with Latin terms, and lawyers say thee, thou, wherefore, and whatnot far too much. It makes me wonder why people can’t talk in plain English. It’s simply bewildering.” offered up Tilly.

Brad tried to explain why doctors use Latin but stopped after he saw Milly shaking her head and putting a finger to her lips. She quietly confided “Don’t bother trying to explain. You’ll only get a headache. She’s convinced all doctors are hiding a deep dark secret. If she ever asks you to explain a prescription to her make up some sort of excuse not to. She once asked my father to explain it to her and they got in a fight that lasted for hours.”

Tilly steered the conversation back to the subject of children. “Ever since I found out you two were engaged I’ve been dreaming of grandchildren Tyler and I could spoil.” She lessened the grip she had on their waists and grabbed a handful grabbed a handful of their buttocks. The surprise made Brad and Milly stop dead in their tracks, go white with shock, their eyes widen and their eyebrows rocket straight up. Before Tilly walked away she had one last parting shot for Brad and Milly. “Come you two snap it up. I’m not getting any younger. And don’t forget your vitamins tonight Brad!” When Milly came out of shock she saw Brad staring at her. “Does your mother normally do that?”

“She most certainly does not!”

“I think you better ask if her if she’s feeling alright.”

Milly ran to catch up to her mother.

“Mother, I demand you stop this very instant. Are you on any kind of medication because if you’re not I’m not a friggin’ baby factory and Brad’s not a gelding out to stud. I think you owe both of us an apology. Your conduct was worse than ours!”

After a short conversation in which Tilly left in tears, Milly returned to Brad’s side. “She says she’s on an experimental HRT therapy, started to cry and tore off in tears. I think it’s fair to say being goosed by one’s own mother is an adverse effect. I’ll ask daddy if he knows who her doctor is. This reaction needs to be reported.”


Most of the day Brad and Milly was spent exploring the vast MacTaggert estate and talking about children, possible places for the wedding as well as possible locations to go honeymoon. Some of the talks were very serious but most of them were lighthearted. After all, they on vacation and in love. They walked hand in hand over many hills. During one of Brad’s rare tree climbing attempts he asked Milly a question.

“It’s about an hour and a half before dinner. Want to join me for a swim?” Brad asked Milly.

“Sure thing. And have I got a surprise for you.”

Brad turned his head slightly and closed one eye.

“Why do I have an uneasy feeling about this “surprise?” asked Brad.

“Oh trust me on this. When you find out what this surprise is you won’t be uneasy at all.”

“OK. Now you’ve got me really wondering. Before we left I found your bikini and I urged you to take it out because I thought there wouldn’t be a pool. And I’ve only seen one bikini shop and that was in Bosworth Market and you were sick and didn’t go there. So the only thing I can think of is you got some sort of bikini that can also be used as lingerie. Am I close?”

“Not telling. You just have to wait.”

Brad and Milly walked back to the estate. Milly was happy and grinning from ear to ear. Every time Brad offer up a guess Milly was silent and it was tearing him up inside. And this made Milly all the happier.


When Brad and Milly returned to the house they swiftly returned to their bedroom. Brad stripped down and put on the suit supplied to him by Jamie. Milly looked for a small package that was in her suitcase. When she found it she made an announcement that caught Brad by surprise.

“I’m going into the bathroom to change. I don’t want you to see it till we’re alone in the pool.”

“Oh for Pete’s sake. You know what you’re doing don’t you?”. He started pacing trying to figure out this mystery. He eventually sat down in a chair and looked like he was pouting.

Milly had closed the bathroom door only partially. She wanted to hear Brad protest. And as she changed he did a lot of protesting. All of a sudden she heard a knock at the door. After Brad put on his robe he answered the door. It was Tilly.

“I just wanted to apologize-”

Brad put up his hand and interrupted her.

“Milly told me all about what happened and as far as I’m concerned the matter is history. Old news. Closed. You simply had a bad reaction to some experimental medication. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. But I would suggest you contact your doctor today to let her know about it.”

Tilly threw herself in Brad’s arms and kissed him on the cheek. Milly came out of bathroom clad in a fluffy robe supplied by Jessica.

“Where are you two off to?” she asked

Before Milly could say anything Brad answered Tilly. “Milly and I are off to try out the pool Jamie told us about. Why don’t you get your suit and join us?”

Brad’s suggestion threw Milly into a panic. But she did a good job of hiding it.

“I’m afraid not. I still don’t feel quite myself. Plus I didn’t bring my suit.”

When Tilly stopped talking she hugged Brad again then Milly. When she hugged her daughter she whispered quietly “Hang on to him. He’s a keeper.” When Brad closed the door Milly hugged him from behind. “I’m pretty sure mom likes you. A lot! Thank you for saying what you did.”

Milly and Brad marched out of their room.

“You’re going to be in front of me. You are not getting even the tiniest of peeks.” As they walked down the wood-paneled hall they passed Jessica. “And where are you two going?” Brad flinched and threw up his arms. “Beats me. I thought we were going to the pool but Milly seems hell-bent on inflicting a little premarital torture.” Milly turned around undid her robe and flashed Jessica. This caught her by surprise and she uttered a quiet “oh my” and laughed. “I think you’ll live Brad.”

When they got to the pool they were still walking in single file with Brad at the front and Milly close behind. As Brad opened the door to the Pool room they both discovered it was enormous and it had a roof that enabled it to be used year round. The room was also empty. The walls were solid so nobody had to be concerned about anybody looking in at them. Brad and Milly were the only ones in the Pool room. Milly slipped a “Do Not Disturb” on the door handle, a sign she had “appropriated” from Bosworth Hall. As Brad stepped onto the cool ceramic floor Milly issued some final instructions.

“OK. We’re here. Now I want you to wade into the pool till the water is about waist height. At that point, you are to stop and turn around. Then you are to close your eyes. Absolutely no peeking. Only when I’m satisfied you’ve done all that will take off my robe and get into the pool with you. Have you got all that?”

“Yes, Mademoiselle. You sure you don’t want to walk on my hands too?”

“This is no joking matter. This is really important to me so no clowning around, OK hon?”

When Brad heard those last two words, “OK hon?”, he realized this was no ordinary dip in the pool. But he couldn’t resist just a little clowning around. He took off his robe and tossed it on a bench. He then dipped his foot just below the surface.

“Holy friggin’ Frostbite!” he said.

“Oh please say it’s not cold,” asked Milly now concerned a bit.

“It’s not, just wet.”

Milly squinted at him and stuck her tongue out at him to show her displeasure. “Keep walking laughing boy.”

While Brad was trying to obey orders Milly heard a sudden change in his breathing. He suddenly inhaled very deeply. “Holy sleet!”

Concerned that Brad might be having a heart attack she asked if anything was wrong. “I’m fine. But the “Twins” just noticed a very sudden temperature change.”

Milly couldn’t help but laugh. But she knew the same thing was going to happen to her. When she took off her robe and tossed it on the bench it made a muffled thump. Brad noticed this and turned his head slightly. “Ah, Company is coming.”

He heard Milly step into the water. Brad started singing “Here she comes, getting in the pool.” “What’s that from hon?” “I forget. It’s from something MTV aired a lot in the nineties. I’m going down. The air is kind of chilly.”

“OK. But keep your head above water. I want you to see me when I tell you to open your eyes. But please keep them shut for now.”

“OK. Will do. Do you know every time you take a step your body creates a tiny wave I can feel on my nose and I can smell your perfume.”

Milly moved slowly towards Brad. She stopped moving when her bikini top was one inch away from the tip of his nose. A tiny wave crashed on Brad’s face.

“OK. Open your eyes hon. Just remember there’s a real echo in here”

When Brad opened his eyes he saw Milly was wearing a sheer, almost see through bikini.

“Have I told you-you’re the most gorgeous woman in the world today? Because if I haven’t I’m blind.”

Milly smiled and started to laugh.

“Let’s see. Today you’ve called me gorgeous, edible and tasty. So far today you’re three for three. Not bad, but I wouldn’t mind hearing more.” Brad pretended to think. “Let’s see. You’ve also the most fantastic breasts in the world. If you didn’t have that top on I’d want to suck those nipples.”

Milly pulled her top down and lifted out a breast and put the nipple in front of Brad’s mouth. “Here you go Hon, suck,” she said softly. As Brad sucked she felt her nipple become slowly become erect and she threw her head back in delight. She looked down at Brad and caressed his face. She put her hands at the back of his head and kept his mouth near her nipple. She didn’t realize until she had done it but she was trying to nurse Brad.

“You know something, Brad? I just realized I was trying to nurse you. Did you mind me doing that?” Brad looked at her with surprise. “I didn’t realize it either. Maybe it was the maternal instinct in you. You know you’re hungry and maybe the part of you that wants to be a mother reasoned I must be hungry too. And you took out your breast out of pure instinct. Do I mind? You’ve got to be kidding. Your breasts are just perfect. I love what you did for me. There’s something intoxicating about your breasts. I don’t think I could ever get enough of them or ever get bored of seeing them or sucking them.”

“Why do you like sucking my breasts,” she asked.

“I suppose it’s a memory left over from when we’re babies. A breast is warm, comforting, soft, and can mean nourishment. You have it too I think.”

“I must. I love sucking yours when we’re making love or in the shower. You’re wonderfully tasty. Not too salty either. Like Goldilocks said you’re “just right””.

The two had drifted into deep water and Milly tucked her breast inside her top.

While Brad watched Milly put things in order he tried to figure out how to phrase a question.

“Is the rest of this bikini just as pleasing?” asked Brad.

“I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to find out yourself.” she smiled.

Brad went completely underwater and swam between Milly’s legs. He ran his hand up the inside of her leg. When his hands was at that spot where the buttocks met “her” Brad discovered just how sheer the bikini truly was. Milly shivered and held on to the side of the pool while Brad’s hands explored her body. Brad pushed his hand down the front of Milly’s bikini bottom.

I knew he was going to go there first.” she thought.

But when Brad pulled her bottoms down just far enough to kiss her behind the thought was somewhat different.

I didn’t expect that but I sort of like it.”

Milly started to quiver when Brad’s hands started venturing beneath the bikini bottoms. He had just started teasing “her” with his fingers but had to come up for air. Milly made sure her back was to the only door in the room. She then asked Brad to tread water in front of her using only his legs.

“Finish the job with your finger Hon,” she asked.

She pushed his hand down the front of her bikini bottom. She could feel Brad search for “her” and when he found “her” he started stroking and caressing “her”. Milly started to feel a tingly feeling up and down her back. Brad watched her face as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Milly pulled Brads head towards her and they began passionately kissing. “Oh, Jesus…I’m coming!” she said softly. She pressed her face into the surface of the water and moaned while Brad pushed deeper inside her. Milly felt a feeling rise from deep within her. She pulled Brad’s finger out and took her bottoms off. She pressed Brad’s hand against her clit. And just like the time three weeks earlier in Brad’s apartment she rubbed his hand ferociously against it. She felt a gigantic release and almost passed out. But she felt tired and refreshed at the same time. Milly started gripping the side of the pool very strongly.

Brad asked her why she got this particular bikini.

“You should have seen yourself in that lingerie store. You got all sweaty and you looked like you were about to pass out. I got this bikini to help you with your lingerie-phobia. You may want to get me something really racy or naughty but be too shy to actually do it. I want you to feel comfortable in a lingerie store.”

Brad tread water while he wiped water from his face and eyes. “Speaking of doing it, was that the only reason you got this bikini?”

Milly went beet red as she had just been caught red-handed with her hand in the cookie jar. “Well, there was another. But you didn’t do it. I was hoping you were going to take the bottoms off and make love to me.”

“Kitten, I certainly thought about it. Especially after you pushed my hands all over you. But I couldn’t go where I wanted to go. Plus I didn’t have a condom. You and I both float. If “he” had gone inside “her” there would be no guarantee “he” could have come out in time before he came. And I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want the question “I wonder if I’m pregnant” on your mind for a few months. “Doing it” in a pool or the sea may sound romantic as hell but sea water, as well as pool water, washes away our natural lubricants. Was “she” a bit sore after we did it in the shower?”

Milly was teary-eyed because she knew Brad was right. She didn’t want to wonder for a few months. And she reluctantly nodded her head.

“We can try it again in the shower, I’m certainly game for that, but I think we should talk about it more before we make a plan. Try to make things more enjoyable for both of us.”

They both got out of the pool and sat on the edge of it

Brad didn’t know it but he was wearing a Speedo swimsuit. As he was talking she moved her fingers around the outline of “Him”. She ran her fingernails over “him” and got “him” more and more excited. Brad didn’t have to ask what she was doing plus he couldn’t have asked if he tried. She had seen to that. Milly reached down and started to undo the knot securing his swimsuit.

Brad lay on the tile floor of the pool room it with his suit around his thighs. Milly returned from the ladies room. Milly stopped, put her hands on her hips and looked down at Brad.

“You certainly were a horny little devil today. And a good one at that.”

Brad realized she really wanted to make love and that he wanted it to happen as well. “We can try again after dinner. But I need time to recover too. But I really want to talk to you privately after dinner. I have an idea about the wedding.” When he stopped talking he looked up at the clock.

“Holy Fuzzbucket. It’s fifteen minutes till dinnertime.”

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  1. Personally speaking, I would like to see the characters’ actions exaggerated more, especially since they are in a seemingly “everyday” setting. They don’t seem to have quirks that push them to either screw up or rise to the occasion in any way that might be considered unusual, but still fitting with their personalities.

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