36 Years–Holy Cow!

My wife Rosaria and I are celebrating our thirty-sixth anniversary today. We’ve been to Portugal together twice, England, Scotland, Wales, Aruba, and Paris France. Somebody once said that time flies. Well, for the last 36 years we’ve had a ball. If I had to say what was the best part of all those places we’ve been the answer would be very simple: Rosaria was with me.

When we got married the temperature was in the seventies. A week later, we returned from a honeymoon in Florida with tans  and shorts, only to be greeted by my parents carrying two extra parkas – it had snowed somewhat significantly in one week. Did I mind? You betcha! If there’s anything we Canadians do really well is complain about the weather. But the one thing that made the whole experience tolerable was Rosaria.

I can’t say everything we experienced in the last 36 years has been enjoyable. I’ll admit it. Cancer scared the stuffing out of both of us. My voice is still pretty weak, and its murder competing with just a radio. If I’m trying to say something and a radio is on I’m done for. My voice is that weak. But of all the people I saw or met during that whole horrible experience the most important would be Rosaria. Yes, I love her that much. I’d rather sound like Mickey Mouse and have her in my life than sound perfectly normal and not be married to her.

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