Twitter is a BULLY


I tried to sign up on the 13th. Email address was OK. Password was OK. Username was OK. Then they started badgering for my phone number. Then they froze the account and wouldn’t release it from their icy grip until they had my number. With so many web oriented services boasting about having top notch security, then getting caught with their pa…firewalls down, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I don’t want them to have it. I DO NOT want it it floating around the internet only to have some idiot to pluck it out of cyberspace. If they want me to sign up I will but they will have to do it minus my phone number.  If data is on the net it’s simply a matter of time before it’s hacked. A person may not have figured it out yet, but it can be done and eventually will be.

2 thoughts on “Twitter is a BULLY

  1. I don’t have Twitter any more but I am pretty sure I set it up with an email only… Maybe they’ve changed that recently because of all the hoopla with Facebook?


  2. If they did change the rules for joining I want nothing to do with them. I used to be on Twitter years before I got cancer. I closed the account because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it later myself. At that time all they want was your name and email address.


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