“Nightmares” – Chapter 13-Panooksa

Idea by Tom Austin                                                      Written by Tom Austin

                                         Revised by Tom Austin

After three and a half weeks of married life Milly almost had her house the way she wanted it. And she found it wonderful being married. There was always someone to talk to, someone to reach for things you can’t, and someone to talk with about subjects you wouldn’t dare talk about in front of your parents.

Brad and Milly decided to grow their own vegetables to help stretch their finite finances. Carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and green beans. The soil was perfect for growing veggies, and since one their neighbors was a dairy farmer there was seemingly endless supply of fertilizer. So Brad and Milly spent most of their honeymoon working the soil. Brad turned the soil while Milly hammered stakes into the ground.

At the end of the day both went into the house and sat down in the kitchen. Brad rested his head on the table.

All of a sudden, without warning, Milly blurted out “I want a baby” .

“What did you say?” asked Brad in disbelief.

“You heard what I said. I want a baby.”

“Milly I thought we discussed this matter. I thought we both agreed that since neither of us are working at the moment, and since we have no income it would be a mistake and irresponsible of us to bring another life into this world. Maybe in few years-.”

“Most of my girlfriends already have one or two children. I have a biological clock that is saying loud and clear that this is the right time to have a baby.”

“As I was saying maybe when I’m more established here. Maybe then we could have one or two kids, but to have one right away would be foolish. I know women have a “biological clock” in which to have kids. But to have one right now would be a mistake.”

“OK, I had to try. But will you at least make love to me tonight? I really want him. I want to feel him pulse and throb inside.”

“That I’m more than willing to do. Do you want to christen the kitchen again, or shall adjourn to the bedroom?”

“The bedroom will be more romantic. Could you treat me like I was a virgin again?. You were so gentle with me. It made me feel really special.”

She lay naked upon the bed. She felt Brad giving Butterfly kisses to the inside of her legs. The feelings running through her were too numerous to count. She heard Brad say “I love you”. Looking down she could see Brad slowly crawling up her body and kissing her tummy. He was on top of her. Slowly and gently he pushed her legs apart. Milly knew what was going to happen next. Suddenly a gag was over her mouth and the hands suddenly didn’t feel like Brad’s. Someone was forcing themselves inside her! Who was it? Milly tried to cry out but the gag prevented that. Then there was a disgusting, almost sulphuric smell in the room. Then they thrust so ferociously it was painful. She lifted her head as best she could to who was on top of her. It was wasn’t Brad. His face had been replaced with the face of Messenger! Milly tried to scream but couldn’t. Messenger moved inside her. And then it was done. The seed had been planted.

Milly woke up with a start. She was soaked in sweat and raced to the bathroom to throw up. The sound of the toilet flushing woke Brad . As propped himself up in bed one of his touched the soaked clammy sheets. He noticed Milly missing, quickly got out of bed and rushed toward the bathroom. When he got there he saw Milly sitting on the tiled floor, white as a sheet, crying.

“What’s going on,” asked Brad.

“Oh, it was horrible! I dreamt Messenger raped me! He was inside me. And he…he…well you know!”

Brad hugged her and rocked in his arms.

Suddenly she pushed Brad away, put her head over the bowl, and threw up again.

Brad towelled the sweat off his wife’s body. Milly didn’t even mind having Brad seeing her nude.

“Jesus. When you have bad dreams you don’t fool around” he added.

Milly got up off the floor, bent over the sink and rinsed her mouth out. When she came back to bed she was cold and shivering. They spooned and the warmth of Brad’s body soon warmed her up. But she never got back to sleep. Thoughts that were totally alien, and beyond her comprehension raced through her mind.  She started shivering again.

The following morning she was still rattled. She tried apologizing for waking Brad then realized she was the one who was raped. What was she apologizing for? Every time she thought of the dream she threw up.

Then Brad came up with an idea.

“Why don’t you come to the hospital in The Town with me. I’m sure there’s something you could do there. I hear they’re thinking of starting a daycare center for the children of the employees. Maybe we can put that maternal instinct of yours to work there. Besides, it’s my first day there, and I’d love to have a gorgeous face to look at during lunch. You’re dads face is OK but I’d much rather gaze at yours. Plus I could fantasize too.”

“Do you really fantasize about me, or are you just practising to be a dirty old man?” asked Milly innocently.

“My fantasies are just about you and totally X-rated”

“Oh do tell”

Brad leaned over the breakfast/lunch table and whispered in her ear.

“Brad ! I’m so shocked I’m agog.” Then she asked “ Can we try it tonight?”

“On one condition.”

Brad leaned over the table again and whispered some more.

“You got a deal! Really, with me on top? Never thought of that.”

Brad was trying his best to get Milly’s mind on something more pleasant. But he was working in uncharted territory. In all the time he had known Milly she never had a bad dream.

The two decided to brown bag it that first day at the hospital in the town. As Milly sat at the breakfast/lunch table she took pride in writing the initials M. S-F. on her lunch bag. On Brad’s lunch bag she wrote Dr. Foster. She held the bag out in front of her. She muttered to herself  “Dr. Foster consider yourself well and truly bagged.”

Unknown to Milly her husband was standing quietly behind her. And when she finished talking Brad  said “And I wouldn’t want it any other way Mrs. Shine-Foster” her eyebrows just about jumped off her head in surprise.

She got out of her chair and playfully pawed her husband.

“Hey, I sort of like the sound of that name. I think I’ll keep it.”

Brad sort of pouted.

“ What do mean “Sort of?”

“Ask me in fifty years or so. I’ll know by then.”

The two teleported to the lobby of the hospital. They were hand in hand. Tyler, who was teaching that day, came up behind them and said “Now that you two have finally come up for air I’d like to surprise my daughter.”

Brad approached information and told them he was new there and asked where was assigned. The woman behind the desk pointed at Tyler and said: “Ask Dr. Shine.”

Brad looked at Tyler then at Milly. To him they were both were doctors and both had the last name of Shine. So he asked what he thought was an extremely easy question to answer. He turned his head towards the woman at the information desk and asked “Which one?”.

While Brad was conversing with the woman at the Information Desk Tyler surprised Milly.

“When the human resources staff read about your education and your training they thought you’d fit in really well in pediatrics. Want to give it a try? There is one tiny condition. Brad has to be your tutor.”

Back in the city Milly had hoped for a career in pediatrics. She hugged her father so ferociously she heard a crack.

“Holy Fuzzbucket!  Did I do that?” she asked.

“Don’t worry. That happens every so often to persons of my vintage so there’s no need to be concerned. So it looks like you’re both going to be here. You have no idea how happy this makes me . Just you wait till I tell your mother.”

Milly and her father got in  the elevator and headed up to Human Resources. When they got there they had to get in line with other people. Tyler hated lineups almost as much as he hated forms and paperwork. Tyler was not religious by any stretch of the imagination but he was convinced that filling out seemingly endless forms was the closest thing to the devils work there was.

Human resources had a dozen forms to fill out, before you can do anything in the hospital just like in the city. That was one of the reasons Milly left medicine. She was a healer, not a paper pusher. But it seemed no matter where you went, forms, in all their different permutations, and multi-colored variations, were an evil you simply had to tolerate. And Milly tolerated them all. Barely.

But the part Milly hated most was having an identification photo taken. ID photos were always terrible. No what you did to look your very best your photo almost always ended up looking like a bad mug shot from a wanted poster.

Milly finally got her name tag, and lab coat. The name tag read “Dr. Milly Shine-Foster”. She couldn’t help but feel proud. It had been a long road but she’d made it. Yes, there was a small sabbatical, but it was more than worth it. She wouldn’t be the doctor and woman she was without it. She soon found her locker. She dropped off her lunch bag in the fridge of the staff lounge in the pediatrics wing. All that was missing was her first page. It wasn’t long in coming.

“Will Dr. Milly Shine-Foster please report to pediatrics. Will Dr. Milly Shine-Foster please report to pediatrics.” Milly beamed so hard her facial muscles hurt.

She took the elevator to the pediatrics wing. Her journey wasn’t without a few false starts. She got lost twice. When she finally found the wing she approached the main desk and said “Dr. Milly Shine-Foster reporting for duty.”

The nurse on duty looked at Milly and after a pause said “Oh goody. From the way you’re smiling I’m willing to bet this is your very first patient.”

To which Milly responded “Actually my first patient was my husband after he  had a slight difference of opinion with our cat.”

The nurse was very underwhelmed. “Would you be offended If I asked what might be construed as a personal question?”

“Ask away” said Milly

“Is this your very first day?”

“Indeed it is. Does it show?”

“Let me put it this way. If your smile gets any wider you’re going to need emergency dental work. But back to the matter at hand. Its the boy in bed number four. Everything points to him having epilepsy. His grandfather might have had it. His dad might be -”

Before the nurse could continue Milly asked why he was there.

“He said he was climbing a tree. Suddenly everything got dark, and he finds himself on the ground with a broken wrist. Typical little boy stuff. He’s scheduled for an EEG only he’s scared silly of it. The idea of twenty electrodes in the scalp would scare me.”

Milly asked where neurology was. The nurse told her. After a few more false starts she eventually found the neurology wing, and the room where EEG’s are conducted.

She asked the technician for an electrode bundle and a Snoopy cap.

With these stuffed in her pockets she returned to pediatrics.

She went to the nurse and asked her two questions.

“If I’m going to be working with you I’m going to need to know your name?”

“Doris Drake”

“And what is the boys?”

“Robbie Burnside”

“Here’s his chart. Good luck. He’s really scared. Good luck”

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