Pants or no pants


I just finished writing a series of posts that involved a couple named Brad and Milly. Not all chapters/episodes have been posted yet. I’ve written the chapters, but I have yet to revise, re-write, and polish. I’m taking a few days off to catch my breath. And it got me thinking about the way I write. Some people swear they can only write with an outline. While others can write by the seat of their pants – meaning no specific outline. Well, I tried writing in my PJ’s one morning. Initially I thought the experiment turned out well. But after a second look I was truly amazed at the number of dropped or missing words, grammar mistakes a blind person could spot, and other things that were just not up to snuff.  In short, I had created my own brand of literary fertilizer.

I would call this particular writing experiment a failure. I’ve got a number of ebooks that suggest changing your routine a bit. Try writing in a different location. During the writing of one chapter I had a whopping good case of writers block. So I tried moving from my room/den/music room to another location in the condo.

Attractive man with laptop seated in a tree on a tropical beach.

Well that idea was a bust. I was very unaccustomed to writing anywhere else but my room. Someone was doing renovations in their condo and you could hear everything. Then the phone rang. It was something about a survey. Well, that was that. I’d had enough. I moved back. Maybe some people can do good work anywhere (even in a tree) but I can’t. Plus if I was in a tree I’d worry about either falling off the limb or right out the tree!

One day I was writing like there was no tomorrow. I had my trusty outline beside me, and the phone was blissfully silent. I was making fantastic headway. Then I heard funny sounds coming from my little external backup. The funny sounds soon became a countdown to it’s imminent demise. Seagate may make good internal hard drives, but I think they make lousy external hard drives.

ARGH !!!.jpg

But I digress. The whole point of this post was to ask you if you work from an outline, or if you are comfortable writing from the seat of your pants. When I was writing about Brad and Milly I had the eighteen point outline I made to guide me, plus there was a lot tossed in from my own life (Am I going to tell which parts…not on your nelly!) I write mostly between six PM and midnight so I guess that makes me a creature of the night. But I don’t mind. That’s when I get the most done.

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