Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


I’d read the reviews. But I wanted to see the film first before I chimed in. This is truly a gawd awful film.  I have not been in a theater since early 2000 so I watched it on Netflix. Everyone above the age of 10, who has seen any Batman films, cartoons, or series knows Batman does not use guns. Yet there’s Ben in cape and cowl, blasting away. Then, to shatter any illusions that may still be standing, he brands people! At the beginning of the film I wasn’t sure what was going on, and I’m quite sure the film makers were in the same dilemma. At the beginning a young Bruce Wayne is scampering about and eventually falls down a hole or well. Are we told why? No. But I was pretty sure I seen this sequence in a previous Batman film. And I had in Batman Begins. Ben Affleck has got to be the worst possible choice for the role of Batman. Maybe he was trying to redeem himself for doing Daredevil. It didn’t work.

Wait. I’m not finished. Superman, the all American boy, walks in on Lois Lane while she’s taking a bath. I have no idea if these two are married, boyfriend/girlfriend, living together. All I know is Mr. red white and blue jumps Lois Lanes bones in the tub.

I lasted till there was an hour left and Supe and Bats were duking it out overs Supes mom being kidnapped before I bailed. Before I go to bed and try really hard to forget this cinematic atrocity what’s the story with Lex Luthor? The jerk is almost as annoying as Bats. Plus he has much hair as Wonder woman.

And I thought Plan 9 From Outer Space was bad. A new low has been reached in superhero films. Where’s Christian Bale when you need him. Not here. And he should thank his lucky stars.


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