An Author Creates

Quill pen

A really good friend told me that someone, not too long ago, said that authors of e-books are not true authors. I would love to dip my toes into the world of e-books. And I do consider myself an “author”. Anyone who puts pen to paper, or taps on a computer keyboard, is an author. They may not be published, but they are an author. Sure a great many e-books are really badly written. But the opposite is true as well. There are some really good e-books out there. Currently, almost anyone can toss anything together, have it published digitally, and call themselves an author. Right now almost anyone can take the digital plunge. Using Smashwords, Amazon, or another publishing platform, anyone can put anything on the web, be it collection of traffic tickets, or a recipe for biscuits using black strap molasses .

Yesterday I went to the dictionary wondering what the exact definition of “author” was, And to say I was surprised is describing the experience mildly.

Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary  page 86, on the far left side

An “author” is defined as being,

n. anyone who brings anything into being,

   the original writer of a book, article, etc.

So we’re all authors. Heaven knows we’re not all writing with the calibre of Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, or  J.D. Salinger. And don’t tell the traffic cop about to write you out a ticket for speeding that he/she’s an author.

Alright, we now have a pretty clear idea of what an author is. So now the question is simply this – are e-books true books ? If the difference between an e –book and a physical book with exactly the same title, and by the same author is simply one of physicality – you can feel it, feel its weight – then you already have your answer. If someone wrote the words, and its imparting information to you, or telling you a story then that is a book, a real book.

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