Assembly Line Writing

Some people can sit down and write any time they please. I’m not one those people. For me, the mood has to be just right. I’m not saying the stars have to be aligned just so, or some guy in a monkey suit has to play the violin, but if the environment around me isn’t right I’m going to turn out trash. I’ve tried writing during the day, but are far too many distractions. Where I live someone is always doing renovations, and the sound travels no matter where it originates. I even tried wearing noise canceling headphones. Those didn’t work out too well. I used to able to write with radio on. I wouldn’t listen to it, but I’d be aware that it was on. Instrumental music is fine too as long as the volume isn’t to distracting.

I’ve discovered I write better at night between 7 PM – 12AM. I tried carrying around a tiny note book to jot down pieces of dialog, what I want a certain character to do, etc. That has one drawback- I can’t read my own writing. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a voice activated recorder, but I could never stand the sound of my own voice. Having beaten throat cancer I should sound relatively normal. I thought I would. But right now my vocal cords are slowly growing back. You should hear my voice on an answering machine. It doesn’t sound human. Yikes ! what a horrible sound. Note to Professor Higgins: If you though Eliza Doolittle was a challenge you’re fooling yourself.

Screech the red haired writer.

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