What Garbage Bins Do For Us

Those multi-colored receptacles of household waste and recyclable items do a lot more than hold items we have no further use for. For those that have any number of them they are an endless source of wonder.


Remember when you first one ? You most likely had one of two thoughts in your head:

1. “At last. I’ve some place to put all those blasted newspapers”  or  2.                            “I really don’t want to do this”.

Maybe it was a mixture of the two. If your city or town foist bins upon you probably didn’t care for it. I can you tell from personal experience after two or three weeks of disposing of newspapers in a bin like the one above is that they can be pretty heavy. And the lumbar region of my spine is in pretty bad shape thanks to these semi-rectangular heathens.

But after you’ve had one for a couple of months you come to the conclusion “Why didn’t somebody think of this think years ago ?”. The disposal of newspapers soon gave way to getting rid of glossy paper magazines. And at last you had a final resting place for the countless copies of Vogue your wife had collected over the years. You can also rid get of those ancient dog eared copies of Popular Science and Omni magazines your wife has come close to clobbering you with. But don’t think that because her weapon of choice is gone you’re safe –far from it. The rolling pin is still in the kitchen, and still has your name on it.

Before you consult your doctor about your back, you think you’re doing your civic duty. The city soon sends more bins your way. And of course they’ll be in different colors. The bins do serve a purpose that’s good for us, beyond recycling. Those bins that hold newspapers and magazines build up our muscles (as well as providing work in the medical community). The bright green bin that my wife and I had was for real foul smelling items. When you’re putting it out you couldn’t wait to get away from it. When you could you usually ran like a thief. So our leg muscles got a work out – albeit a short one. And on warm or hot days our sinuses got a work out too. You got the chance to relive the past – and what Rover did two weeks ago. As people walked by your bright green bin your brain got a work out as it tried to decide if your neighbors would set a land speed record going past the offending bin, swoon, or be sick to their stomachs. Garbage bins, or what ever choice names you may have for them, I suspect bins are here to stay.


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