Do We Really Need To Swear On-line ?

I first went on-line in the mid nineties when the fastest computer was a 286 running DOS. And when word “Sh**”, or the one word that really bugs me – “Fu**”. Why do we swear ? Some how saying “Oh gosh darn it” just doesn’t cut when you’ve just closed the car door on your hand. The car seems to elicit a great deal of swearing. “C’mon, start you lazy, good for nothing piece of sh** !”. And misplacing the car keys, which was a very common occurrence when somebody said something to somebody else they didn’t swear. If fact, you would be really hard pressed to find any posting with “swear words” in it. You might find the occasional “Hell” and “Damn !” in a posting, but there’s a good chance you’d go blind first before finding a person typing the I was a kid, was the perfect opportunity to swear. “Has anybody seen those fu**ign car keys ?”

Today it seems perfectly acceptable to swear in posts. It may bea ccepted, but I’d like to ask – do we really need to ?. I remember when the film Terminator 2: Judgement Day came out I was studying to get my MBA in Microcomputers and Business Applications at a Control Data school. A fellow student went to see the film, and when he came back he felt duty bound to exercise his four letter lexicon. For the sensitive out there I’ll gloss over his review. “Holy Fu**ing Cee-rist, that was one hell of a fu**in’ good film. Arnie was everywhere and sh** was flying all over the place”. I’m not a prude. I’m one half Scottish, with red hair and a really short fuse. And I’ve been known to swear a blue streak. I admit it. I’m not a saint. But there’s a time and a place for everything. And I think that swearing on-line is the wrong place. If you can’t communicate without coloring the air blue, if you civilized human being it might be best if you kept your mouth closed, and your fingers aan’t say anything without being profane, if you can’t communicate like a normal, cway from a keyboard.


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